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Cosmetic Smile Makeovers Gallery

Cosmetic Smile Makeover Before After-Gallery

We understand that a beautiful smile can make a big difference in your confidence and overall appearance. That’s why we’re proud to showcase some of the stunning transformations we’ve achieved for our patients through our cosmetic smile makeovers. Take a look through our smile makeover gallery to see some of the amazing transformations we’ve achieved for our patients. Whether you’re considering a full smile makeover or just want to brighten up your teeth, we’re here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Fikri was Motivated to Undergo a Complete Smile Makeover

Situation: Since he had been apprehensive about dental treatment due to negative childhood experiences, his teeth were neglected and broken down as he avoided dental appointments.

Treatment: To Fikri, his new smile was transformative, providing him with a new-found confidence in his social interactions. “Dr. Marlin and his team gave me back my smile in a couple of weeks! I am so happy with the results!”

Patient had a Large Diastema or Space Between Her Front Teeth

Situation: Ms. D wanted a “better” look for her smile, and sought us out for that smile make-over, which would eliminate the large spacing between her two front teeth.

Treatment: In addition to closing the wide space, special anatomic shapes were used to make her very wide teeth that had now become even larger appear narrower. Needless to say, she is thrilled with her new smile.

She ready for a change, and was thrilled with her immediate smile transformation

Situation: Ms. M first presented several years ago to consider a smile makeover in Washington DC but was not quite ready to undergo one. But, she was now prepared for a change.

Treatment: We provided her with an immediate smile makeover with oral sedation. We are known for fabricating temporary crowns that look entirely natural, unlike the average temps. Although we could not alter her midline or the angle of her teeth, we designed the temporary crowns in our in-house lab so that the anatomic form complimented her great cheekbones and eyes. Needless to say, she was thrilled with her immediate smile transformation—and these are only the temporary crowns!

With Teeth in Bad Shape, John Needed a Custom Smile Transformation in Less Time Due to His Filming a New TV Series

Situation: John was offered a streaming video series from a major TV network and was scheduled to begin filming soon, which presented a challenge as his teeth were in bad shape. Given the tight schedule to begin his new series, John requested that the treatment be completed within four months, which Dr. Marlin said would be challenging, but doable, since we have our own in-house lab.

Treatment: Dr. Marlin  confirmed that he would need crowns to create a simply radiant, simply natural smile that would hold up under intense TV lighting. Since the timing didn’t permit orthodontic treatment to correct John’s teeth misalignment, Dr. Marlin and his technician would compensate for the tooth rotations with precision dental crowns. This complex treatment was completed within four months providing John a beautiful, natural appearance in plenty of  time for his new TV program. Needless to say, he was very happy with the results:

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Marlin and his team. I recommend Dr. Marlin highly and with no reservations whatsoever. He brought my smile back and he will bring your smile back as well.”

Experienced pain from her failing implant and failed aesthetics

Situation: Ms. A from Potomac presented with a chief complaint of pain from her failing implant and failed aesthetics. She had been unhappy with her unsightly smile line and increasingly uncomfortable.

Treatment: In a single-day procedure, we removed all of her old crowns and restorations, repaired her implant with a bone graft, and inserted a hand-crafted temporary splint fabricated in our in-house, custom lab. We are known for fabricating temporary crowns that look entirely natural, unlike the average temps. She now had her immediate smile makeover—and these are just the temporary crowns!

Growing up with mottled teeth from extensive enamel erosion

Situation: This young professional woman was very unhappy with how her teeth appeared when she communicated with those around her and how she appeared in photographs. 

Treatment: With “simply radiant, simply natural” temporary crown covering the discolorations, her self-consciousness was immediately eliminated. Now that she has received her new crowns, she is even more excited about her new smile.

She suffered her whole life with teeth that were very dark

Situation: Bharati, our patient for the last 30 years, had suffered her whole life with teeth that were very dark due to tetracycline staining.

Treatment: The day we put in her temporary crowns, she had an immediate smile makeover and transformation. And, now she “just can’t stop smiling!” Watch Bharati’s story here.

Sarah was very self-conscious about her smile

Situation: Having extensive wear of her teeth, Sarah was very self-conscious about her smile. 

Treatment: With her new temporary dental crowns, she had an immediate smile makeover and “couldn’t be happier with the outcome.” She feels“as if a huge weight has been lifted having addressed my dental issues with such a professional and talented team.

Lisa wanted the “right” smile makeover

Situation: Lisa came to us from Hagerstown, MD to get the “right” smile makeover. She guarded her otherwise natural smile every time she opened her mouth.

Treatment: Once we restored her upper right and upper left teeth, she now shows us her very broad, natural smile, each and every time.

Custom Dental Crowns to Match His Good Looks

Situation: Brandon came to us from the Naval Academy in Washington DC seeking a redo of his dental crowns which did not do his natural good looks any justice.

Treatment: To restore Brandon’s smile health and appearance, we fabricated custom dental crowns in our in-house dental lab. The end result was a great looking smile that did indeed match his natural good looks.

Patient Had an Old Dental Veneer that Needed Replacing with a Crown

Situation: Creating single anterior crown that matches to the adjacent teeth is the most challenging restoration. This patient had an old veneer that needed replacing with a crown, since the tooth was too dark to receive another veneer.

Treatment: The “natural” crown now looks as if it were her own tooth, restoring a radiant natural looking smile.

Professional cosmetic teeth whitening to restore a radiant smile

Situation: For multiple reasons, our patient was not satisfied with the color and appearance of her smile.

Treatment: As part of her treatment, our team delivered professional in-house professional teeth whitening. The results we immediate and dramatic. As our patient said, “I highly recommend Elite Prosthetic Dentistry for anyone looking for a practice you’ll never want to leave! Everything they do is with care, precision and love for their patients and their craft. Five stars.”