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Discolored Teeth Gallery

Discolored Teeth Before After Gallery

In our gallery, you’ll see real examples from actual patients of how we’ve helped them achieve a brighter, more confident smile. We’ve transformed discolored teeth into beautiful, natural-looking smiles. We invite you to explore our discolored teeth before/after gallery and see the incredible transformations for yourself. If you’re ready to take the first step toward a brighter, more confident smile, we’re here to help.

Suffered Her Whole Life with Teeth That Were Very Dark

Situation: Bharati, our patient for the last 30 years from Bethesda, had suffered her whole life with teeth that were very dark due to tetracycline staining.

Treatment: The day we put in her temporary crowns, she had an immediate smile makeover and transformation. And now she “just can’t stop smiling!”

Patient was very frustrated due to extensive discoloration & enamel erosion

Situation: This young professional woman from Potomac, MD was very unhappy with how her teeth appeared when she communicated with those around her and how she appeared in photographs. 

Treatment: With “simply radiant, simply natural” temporary crown covering the discolorations, her self-consciousness was immediately eliminated. Now that she has received her new crowns, she is even more excited about her new smile.

Broken down dental veneers & very discolored teeth

Situation: Mrs. C, from Rockville, MD, wanted to replace broken down, discolored composite veneers and cover over other very discolored teeth.

Treatment: Our cosmetic treatment plan addressed her teeth discoloration and left her much happier about her smile and appearance.

Patient from Hagerstown, MD wanted the “right” smile makeover for a more natural smile appearance

Situation: Lisa came to us from Hagerstown, MD to get the “right” smile makeover. She guarded her otherwise natural smile every time she opened her mouth.

Treatment: Once we restored her upper right and upper left teeth, she now shows us her very broad, natural smile, each and every time.

Hesitant to Smile with Discolored & Severely Worn teeth

Situation: This Bethesda Periodontist, came to us due to severely worn and discolored teeth, causing him to be very hesitant to smile.

Treatment: Once we restored her upper right and upper left teeth, and restored her natural teeth color, she now shows us her very broad, natural smile, each and every time.

Patient wanted a whiter more natural looking smile

Situation: Our patient from Rockville came to us wanting a smile that looked natural, as over time her smile had become discolored and lost its natural appearance. As a result, she had been hesitant to smile for years.

Treatment: This complex case required several treatments, with an amazing result. We restored her smile and our patient was very happy and no longer self-conscious about her smile.