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Dental Implant Restoration Specialists Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Prosthodontists. Dental Implant Specialists with Unsurpassed Success at Problem Solving Complex Cases

Patient: Wanted to replace missing teeth and have an even natural-looking smile
Patient: Needed jaw reconstruction due to previously placed dental implants in her upper left jaw that had failed
Patient: Needed a front tooth replacement that matched her natural teeth

Whether you are without one, several, or all of your teeth, we know that you want to be confident with your smile while being secure with your overall oral health condition. Dental implants provide an amazing opportunity to feel so great that you can laugh and smile with the confidence that you look magnificent and have a healthy, new dentition.

Your Dental Implant Options in Washington DC

We provide ideally positioned dental implants (see Precision Implant Placement) in reconstructed bone (see Bone Grafting) that are restored with optimum “emergence profile” abutments and “Simply Radiant, Simply Natural” crowns fabricated in our In-house Laboratory, which will make you feel and look reinvigorated! Implant Surgeries with Crowns and Same-Day Implant Therapy are highly sophisticated services that we perform with meticulous care and precision such that, after 3,600 implants surgically inserted and restored, our patients have experienced virtually almost no bone loss over at least a 20-year span.

Reclaiming Your Confident Natural-Looking Smile with Dental Implants Starts with a Consultation

Your new smile starts with ensuring your jaw bone can support a single implant or many implants. Our dental implant specialists can place your artificial teeth in healthy gums and to do that you may need a gum graft. The entire process of getting new teeth starts with choosing the best dentist for the job. Elite Prosthetic Dentistry goes above and beyond to ensure everything is done with best treatment practices in mind from extracting a single tooth, to a full set of implants. Your implant procedure will be done by the best dentists and the result is a fully restored new smile.

To replace missing teeth and restore your smile with our level of unsurpassed quality for yourself, contact Dr. Gerald Marlin at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry today online or call us at 202-244-2101. We transform the smiles of patients from across the country and abroad, including those coming from Washington DC, and nearby areas of Maryland and Northern Virginia.

To experience our level of unsurpassed quality for yourself, contact Dr. Gerald Marlin at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry today online or call us at 202-244-2101. We transform the smiles of patients from across the country and abroad, including those coming from Washington DC, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Arlington, and nearby areas of Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Custom dental implant restorations can help patients without one, multiple, or all of their teeth, and restore a natural looking functioning smile

Personalized Dental Implant Treatment Starts with a Consultation. Request Your Consultation with our Dental Implant Specialists Today.

Elite Dental Implant Restoration by a Specialists in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Prosthodontist. Dental Implant Specialist with Unsurpassed Success at Problem Solving Complex Cases

Meet Dr. Marlin

Why Choose Dr Gerald Marlin?
  • Voted Top Dentist 20 years in a Row by other dentists
  • Dr. Gerald Marlin is a leading specialist in implant, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.
  • Works closely with his in-house technician to achieve custom aesthetics and a very precise fit.
  • Provides crowns lasting over 35 years (national average approximately 10 years)
  • Over 3,600 surgically inserted and restored dental implants 
Why Choose Elite Prosthetic Dentistry?
  • Experienced team: Gerald M. Marlin, D.M.D., M.S.D and his “Dream Team” of very experienced assistants and technicians working under his proven, strict treatment regimen deliver unmatched implant restoration therapy with one of the highest success rates with implants that are at least 20 years old.
  • Attention to Detail: From precise tooth extraction and Bone Grafting to ideally positioned dental implants in solid bone during Precision Implant Placement) and ending with the insertion of optimal abutments and crowns with ideal emergence profile
  • Experts in Smile Makeovers: With our own In-house Dental Laboratory, Elite is renowned for delivering “simply radiant, simply natural” smile makeovers.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the strongest, most reliable tooth replacement solution available. Inserted directly into the jawbone, they are designed to provide a permanent base for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. With their high predictability and success rates (>97% vs industry average of 89-93%), dental implants are an excellent option for tooth replacement. An implant (red arrow in digital image, below) replaces your tooth’s missing root, providing many functional and aesthetic benefits.


Premier All-on-4® type of dental implants procedures emphasizing ‘bone preservation’

While the thought of having to lose a front tooth can be very traumatic, we replace that tooth using Precision Implant Placement, followed by our In-house Lab creating a custom “emergence profile” abutment and crown. The results are quite striking and natural, assuring a great smile, solid function, and jawbone preservation.

Having inserted and restored thousands of implants surgically, Dr. Marlin and his team fully understand that losing a tooth and having to replace it with an implant can make you very anxious. Rest assured that we will pay great attention to your comfort during your dental implant procedure, including Sedation Dentistry  (oral and I.V. sedation) under our care. Your smile line will stay intact or even improve from start to finish (see below).


Badly discolored tooth fixed to create a beautiful white smile!

Implant Replacing the Missing Root
watch: What to Expect with Dental Implant Treatment
Marlin-Implant-Restoration-What to expect-DC
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Why Choose Dr. Marlin for Dental Implant Restorations?

Here are a few additional reasons to choose Dr. Marlin and his team:

As one of the most experienced and trusted surgical prosthodontists in the Washington D.C. region, Dr. Marlin has placed and restored more than 3,600 dental implants for his patients.

Unlike other dental offices, we have our own in-house dental lab to make custom abutments and crowns that precisely harmonize your new implants with your existing teeth, and we perform the entire process right here in our office. This means you don’t have to go to a separate oral surgeon or periodontist to have the implant placed. We are one of the only prosthodontic practices with a full-service crown and bridge and implant restoration lab that also provides implant surgery.

Dr. Marlin has been named to The Washingtonian’s list of Best Dentists every year since 2003. He is known for creating “simply radiant, simply natural” smiles. Follow the link to see Dr. Marlin’s other awards and recognitions.

Dr. Marlin invented the “emergence profile abutment” and uses a CT Scan generated surgical guide for precision implant placement.

Dr. Marlin is trusted for handling both “simple” single implants to the most complex cases. Many of our patients come from our gratified patients, general dentists, and other dental specialists who recognize Dr. Marlin’s expertise with complex dental implant cases. So, you can be confident that he will know the best way to help you. Follow the link to see some of our success stories!

Our “End-to-End” Dental Implant Therapy: Everything Done in Our Office!

Overall, the cosmetics, function, and longevity of your implant replacement teeth are directly related to four factors: 

  1. Assuring good quality and amount of bone support to receive your implants 
  2. Precise Implant Placement (PIP)
  3. Our premier in-house, custom laboratory fabricating individualized abutments and crowns
  4. Meticulous implant restoration by an expert prosthodontist 

Your Personalized Dental Implants Consultation with Dr. Marlin

As there are various dental implant treatment options, Dr. Marlin will work closely with you to determine which one best suits your dental needs, goals, and budget. 

During your friendly and informative consultation, Dr. Marlin and his team will:

  • Examine your existing teeth using imaging software and other advanced technology
  • Discuss your concerns in relation to what he sees in the images
  • Carefully explain each of your treatment alternatives 
  • Take the time to answer all of your questions 

We firmly believe in patient education and helping you make informed decisions about your dental care. You will be delighted that you sought the opinion of such an experienced implant and cosmetic specialist as Dr. Gerald Marlin. You can trust the highly experienced Elite Prosthetic team to provide you with exceptional care and the results you deserve.

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to better understand your problem, how the surgery is performed painlessly, how a “simply radiant, simply natural” replacement tooth is created, and your treatment options, call 202-244-2101 or contact us online today. We are committed to helping you achieve improved oral health. 

Dental Implant Restorations Provided by Elite Prosthetic Dentistry

Optimum implant therapy begins with impeccable treatment planning, which is followed by a stringent treatment protocol that provides each patient with interim aesthetics and function. Once the surgery has been completed such that all of the implants are integrated into the bone, the restoration is reasonably straightforward since the implants have been inserted under well-defined parameters. Non-reconstruction cases are usually completed within a 3-4 month span.

See What is in Involved with Precions Implant Replacement of the Failed Front Tooth

The SlideShare, below , demonstrates how that is accomplished in our office. 

Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge

An implant-supported fixed bridge is fabricated when one wants to replace several missing teeth, but wants to do so with fewer implants, because either some areas in the jaw have deficient bone and cannot receive an implant and/or fewer implants are needed to support the bridge.

Layer 1
Layer 2

Dental Implant Reconstruction using multiple implants

The fixed bridge seated over multiple abutments that are, in turn, seated over multiple implants requires a very sophisticated surgical and restorative technique. The patient in this example was very adamant about not having any of the “Same Day Implants” treatment regimens (see, below). She wanted crowns on custom abutments. She had extensive bone loss around her remaining upper teeth that needed to be replaced with multiple implants. Pink porcelain was used to replicate missing gingiva (gum tissue).

crown and bridge implant abutments before & after
watch: Dr. Marlin discusses Multiple Implants
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Premier Same-Day, All-on-4® Type Implant Therapy

There are multiple versions of this technique that are being marketed under the following trade names:

All-on-Four®, Clear Choice®, Teeth-in-a Day®3, Teeth In One Visit, Bar Attachment Denture, Dental Implants in 3 Minutes, Immediate Load Hybrid Prosthesis. To avoid confusion, we group all of these variations of the same therapy together via our own term, “Same-day Implants and Prosthesis.”

Most of these treatments rely upon a significant bone reduction regimen called “tabling the bone.” We are opposed to approaching this treatment in this manner because no one knows whether that reduced bone will be needed in the future. Therefore, we will approach your Same-Day Implant Therapy with bone preservation as our treatment regimen, which, therefore, is an premier version of this therapy. 

To summarize Same Day Implants: 

  • Implants can be inserted.
  • Bone grafts can be placed.
  • Your denture can be retrofitted to the implant fixtures to create a screw-down prosthesis.

After four to six months, the final prosthesis is fabricated. It provides a full arch fixed appliance at significantly reduced costs. (See this patient in our Gallery)

For a more detailed discussion of the Immediate Load Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis or the All-on-4® type of prosthesis process, please see the section entitled, “Same Day Implants and Prosthesis.”

Private Practice Alternative to Clear Choice® (1,2)

While we both provide Same Day Implants, our private practice environment, treatment regimen, and focus are very different than is apparently offered by Clear Choice®.  See how we’re different than Clear Choice®.

1 Clear Choice Dental Implants is a registered service mark of Clear Choice Holdings LLC, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse or sponsor the services of Elite Prosthetic Dentistry.

2 From the ClearChoice® website: “ClearChoice® Centers do not perform routine dental procedures unless they are directly related to an implant treatment case. If you need standard dental work (such as cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, periodontal work, etc.) we are happy to refer you to qualified dentists that can meet your needs.”

Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants come in different varieties, one of which is the mini implant when restoring dentures. As the name implies, these implants are smaller than traditional implants and can be used in areas not accessible with traditional restorations or to support a less costly prosthesis.

Since mini dental implants require less bone than traditional implants, many people who are not candidates for traditional implants due to insufficient bone may be candidates for the mini implants when restoring dentures. They can either serve as permanent implants or as interim ones to hold and stabilize a denture while the bone is being rebuilt by grafting. Depending upon the situation or the type of prosthesis seated on them, mini implants can be less costly than traditional implants when used to stabilize final dentures. Since they are immediately loaded, mini implants provide instant stability to the denture prosthesis.

Unfortunately, we have had patients who come to us with failing mini implants because they were restored with crowns. Mini implants are absolutely not intended to support individual crowns (caps), but if you are missing several teeth, they can be used to stabilize an overdenture. Dr. Marlin will discuss which implant options are best suited for your unique needs during your initial consultation and can be reached at 202-244-2101.

Dental Implants FAQS Washington DC

Studies have shown a 10 year success rate of implants to be between 90 and 95%. This success rate also depends on the dentist’s skill, along with the quality and quantity of the bone available at the site, and the patient’s oral hygiene. Our success rate is greater than 95%.

Most of our patients do not experience significant pain after implant surgery. To prevent or diminish discomfort, we pre-medicate our patients with an anti-inflammatory, such as, Advil, Motrin or Ibuprofen. Following surgery, you may experience some discomfort. However, with medication before and after surgery, most of our patients report being more comfortable than they anticipated. We do ask you to avoid strenuous exercise for the next 48 hours to protect the implant site.

The answer is yes, in selected cases. However, is being promoted as a simplistic way of receiving new teeth the same day as dental implants are placed. It can mean anything from replacing a single tooth via an implant-supported, temporary crown to restoring a whole arch of teeth in one day with a permanent appliance.

For more in-depth information on this topic, see our section on Teeth In A Day. After a complete examination, we will be able to tell you whether you are a candidate for Teeth In A Day therapy.

Each implant maintains the integrity of the bone, since it is a replacement titanium root. A greater number of inserted implants translates to enhanced support for the prosthesis along with additional preservation of the bone. With the Same-day Implant Prosthesis, a minimum of four implants is necessary to support the fixed prosthesis, but additional implants can provide additional bone preservation and a greater number of future treatment options. We will discuss this with you at your consultation visit so that you can choose the treatment that works for you taking into account your budget and your desires.

The angulation of your new implants (such as in the All-on-4® technique) can affect your ability to have additional implants placed near them in the future. In some instances, angling these implants is necessary because of a lack of bone, in the posterior part of your jaw, but, in other instances, the implants do not need to be angled. At your consultation, we will show you how we plan to place your implants as we demonstrate it on your CT Scan (3D image) so that you can make an informed decision on how many implants to request.

Dental implants are replacement roots made out of titanium that are used to rejuvenate jaws by replacing teeth to recreate complete dentitions. Once the new roots have “osseointegrated” to the jaw bone, they are restored with an Implant Restoration either with abutments and crowns or are used to stabilize dentures in an immediate process known as Same Day Implants.

It is expected that most implants will last between 10 and 20 years, and implant crowns are thought to last for 10-15 years. However, at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry (EPD), we rarely lose an implant; after 20 years, over 97% of implants that we have surgically inserted and restored are still functioning.

Almost all patients are candidates for dental implant therapy. Even those who have systemic bone density issues can be successfully treated with implants. At EPD, we frequently convert low bone density areas of the jaw to very good implant sites with our Bone Grafting Procedures.

Dental implants provide an amazing opportunity to feel so great that you can laugh and smile with the confidence that you look magnificent and have a healthy, new dentition. They provide a very solid foundation for a rejuvenated jaw and dentition.

If dental implants are not precisely placed (see Precision Implant Placement) and restored with the proper “emergence profile (see Implant Restoration) you can end up with a diminished smile line that cannot be fixed.  

Dental implant surgery does not hurt. In addition to making sure that you are numb in the area to be treated using a strong local anesthetic, we provide either oral or I.V. sedation to eliminate anxiety during the procedure (see Sedation Dentistry).

Your dental implants’ longevity depends upon good home care and an in-office treatment regimen. Dental implants are cared for in the same manner as a person would take care of their teeth by using floss and special brushes that we provide in our Oral Health and Wellness Program.

It is rare that your body will reject your dental implants. However, even though this does not mean that your dental implant will not fail, that is a very rare event in our office. Successful dental implant therapy revolves around placing the implant fixtures in healthy bone (Precision Implant Placement and Bone Grafting Procedures), which is one of our stringent requirements and is one of the many reasons that we have such a high success rate (>97% after 20 years). Of course, the implants must be appropriately cared for after the surgery in our Oral Health and Wellness Program.

The success rate is dependent upon the diligence of the persons performing the surgery and restoration procedures. Attention to detail is preeminent for success. Although the industry accepts .1-.2mm per year of bone loss, over the last 35 years of providing implant surgical and restorative therapy, our patients have experienced virtually “0” bone loss.

Yes. Implants can be inserted into the jaw and then connected to the denture to immediately secure it in a Same Day Implant Therapy visit. The solid feeling and improved aesthetics when going from a sloppy fitting removable prosthesis to the fixed one provides is simply amazing! Depending upon the precise planning and execution of the process, ridge augmentation and bone grafting treatments can be very long-lasting.

An All-on-4®dental implant is one that has been connected to a removable denture to convert it to a fixed prosthesis. In our office, a minimum of 4 implants is necessary to make that transition to a fixed prosthesis.

Dental implants are either used to convert a denture to a fixed prosthesis as noted in the previous two questions, or they are used to make dentures more stable when not creating the fixed prosthesis. Implants are used to replace partial dentures with abutments and crowns.

Yes. The body reacts well to them, especially if they are titanium implants.

Surgical time for placing an implant us usually 1- 1 ½ hours

The length of the procedure varies by how diligent the surgeon is with placement. If more time is taken to precisely placed with progress X-rays being taken to assure that they are being optimally placed, the procedure will take more time.

After tooth extraction, we always perform a Bone Graft procedure with bone a growth factor that creates denser bone in less time. The implant is either inserted at the same time or within 4 months.

Depending upon the diligence applied surgically, the implants can be ready for restoration in as little as 4 months after insertion.

Our patients do not usually have a great deal of pain after surgery. Due to our surgical protocol, timely anesthesia, and deliverance of the anti-inflammatory medication, the follow-on medications, and postoperative instructions, most of our patients only take ibuprofen, Advil, or Motrin, although we do prescribe a stronger medication as well.

The average cost of a dental implant in Washington DC can vary from $3,000 — $7,000 and is directly related to the amount of time, cost and effort put into delivering precision implant placement and restoration

The wide disparity in pricing can be very misleading as a higher price can mean more expertise, extensive planning, and additional treatment time and materials applied during your care, all of which result in better looking, longer lasting implants and restorations. Most importantly, you need to critically evaluate the track record of the practice relative to best aesthetics and implant longevity. At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry we have a proven treatment regimen resulting in implants that predominantly have “0” bone loss over at least 20+ years (industry standard is 26-34% of implants have gum inflammation or bone loss during that time frame). As we provide meticulous care, we consistently deliver a 300% Return on Investment (ROI) with your implant therapy (>97% success with implants over 20 years old).

The cost will also be impacted by the number of dental implants you need and any issues that increase the complexity of your case.  The quoted fee typically includes the post, abutment, and crown placement. Bone grafting, tooth extraction, CT scan, and X-ray are paid for separately. The type of restorative prosthesis you are getting will also affect the price of your treatment. 

  • At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry we are on the higher-end and focus on high-quality dental implants that will last decades
  • Our dental implants, abutments, and crowns are custom manufactured in our own In-House Lab
  • We have successfully placed and restored over 3400 dental implants with zero bone loss in 35 years

During your initial consultation with our prosthodontist, Dr. Gerald Marlin he will assess your condition, explain your treatment options, and fully explain the scope of work needed to complete your unique implant needs.