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Elite Prosthetic Dentistry team Washington DCElite Prosthetic Dentistry team Washington DC

Our Dental Dream Team

Meet Elite Prosthetic Dentistry's Dream Team

“Everyone on this team, from the front desk, to the office management, to the care team is absolutely wonderful and makes me feel like family.”

Our Dental Team is made up of: dental hygienists, Practice Manager, Dental Assistant and Clinical Manager, Dental Technician, Appointment Coordinator and Insurance Specialist, Appointment Coordinator and Insurance Specialist, Administrative Assistant and Patient Care Coordinator, and Dental Assistant


Dental Hygienist

domonique new

Domonique is the newest addition to our team and brings a passion for dentistry and a patient-centered mindset to our practice.

Originally from New York City, Domonique received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Hampton University in 2016 and her dental hygiene certificate from New York University’s College of Dentistry in 2019. She relocated to Washington in January 2020.

When she’s not helping patients take excellent care of their teeth, you can find Domonique trying new restaurants and wine in the area or practicing Pilates.


Practice Manager

staff member Laleh

With her endless passion for dentistry and excellent bonding with patients, Laleh brings exceptional skills to our practice as she creates the most positive experience for each patient every day.  Her experience of working with many types of dental practices in the DC area for over 20 years makes her a unique professional in educating patients, helping the dentists, and training the dental team.  Her strong belief in continual education is totally in sync with her desire for her dental team to continue to be the most efficient in taking care of their patients.

“My passion is to be involved with patient care that really solves people’s problems. When I came to this practice I felt that this would be one of the best educational settings that I could choose for myself, especially with the support of such a highly trained team of professionals. Our practice has definitely done that. More importantly, as the patient educator and practice manager, I love the fact that Dr. Marlin and our team can continuously deliver the care that we discuss in consultation. To consistently have that type of back-up is key to me.”

Laleh is a martial artist, a cyclist, a weight lifter, and a runner.  She loves playing sports especially Ultimate Frisbee.  Traveling and music are a must, and her two grown sons are the most amazing part of her life.


Dental Assistant and Clinical Manager

staff member Fatima

Fatima became a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant) and a radiology technician in 2007. Over the last 14 years she has brought a special empathy and kindness to her patients, while developing exceptional skills in multiple areas of restorative and surgical assisting.

“Working as a dental assistant, I create an open and accepting environment where all patients can feel comfortable and thrive. For the past 14 years working for our practice, my passion for dentistry has enabled me to make long-lasting relationships with our patients.”

“My favorite part of dentistry and working with Dr Marlin is the everyday challenge and the results that we achieve, which bring a smile to our patients.” When she is not working, Fatima loves spending time and exploring new countries with her husband, son and daughter.


Dental Technician

staff member Felix

As a top dental technician, Felix is completely dedicated to providing his patients with the ultimate crown, veneer, or implant reconstruction. He continually strives to learn new techniques and ideas that will help him provide the very best results. With Dr. Marlin and Felix working closely together over 10 years, they have collaborated to provide the most aesthetic and precise fitting restorations for their patients.

“I appreciate the opportunity to work side by side with Dr Marlin as we work together with each patient to design and finalize  the most aesthetic and precisely functional solutions/products. Having an in-house laboratory where I am provided the finest materials and latest technology enables me to combine my expertise with Dr Marlin’s knowledge and commitment. What makes it even better is the support from such a great team as we have.”

Felix is a dedicated family man with two grown children.


Appointment Coordinator and Insurance Specialist

staff member Ann

Joining our team in 2020 with over 10 years’ experience in both chairside and administrative support, Anne is very friendly, welcoming, and helpful in assisting patients with scheduling recommended treatment., Behind her beautiful smile is a woman who is passionate about getting to know all of our patients and contributing to our quality service.

She is always there to help patients understand and problem-solve their insurance benefits so that they can get the most from their coverage as they file for reimbursement.

She appreciates the opportunity our office gives her to meet and communicate with a variety of wonderful people every day and to be helpful. “It is great to be a part of this unique office and to work with such talented and caring people.”

Anne is a devoted parent of her two teenage boys.


Administrative Assistant and Patient Care Coordinator

staff member Laura

With a background in education, Laura brings a special combination of person-to-person and organizational skills, and is very adept at helping patients resolve any administrative issues. She also provides extensive administrative back-up to many members of our team. As a “people person”, Laura is inherently client oriented.

“Almost a year ago, Dr. Marlin asked if I would fill in at the front desk until they were able to hire someone.  Fast forward to the end of December 2020, I happily decided to join this very high caliber practice as a full-time employee.  I am here to handle administrative tasks as well as any patient needs.  Being able to assist others has always been a passion of mine.  I am excited to help patients in this capacity.  I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of such an amazing team!”

Laura is the proud mother of seven-year-old twins who always keep her on her toes.  She feels that raising twins is a huge blessing and a lot of fun!  In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies and spending time with her family/friends.


Dental Assistant


Ziad received his initial dental training from dental school in Egypt. After serving as a “lead technician” at another practice, he has joined us, because he was seeking a practice “to provide the best care for my patients. I am seeking a positive, challenging environment that accepts the best and gives the patients responsibility and respect”.

With his dental background and well-defined goals for his patients, we expect Ziad to be a great addition to our team.