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John Douglas – Patient Testimonial

Posted in Success Stories

John’s Ultimate Smile Makeover Testimonial: Dr. Marlin Brought Back My Smile, and Will Do the Same for You! Have you ever wished you could improve your smile? Having an attractive, healthy smile is such a valuable asset, especially if you have been invited to appear in a video streaming series by a major TV network…. READ MORE

Enhance Your Smile With Gum Contouring and Reshaping

Posted in Gum Contouring

Your gums frame your smile, not only showcasing your teeth but also promoting the health of your teeth. Even the brightest, straightest, and healthiest teeth can have diminished appeal if you have a gummy smile. Your gums may be too high or too low and could perhaps need some reshaping, not only to enhance your… READ MORE

All the Questions You Want to Ask About Dental Implants

Posted in Dental Implants

Missing one or multiple teeth can be challenging, diminishing your self-confidence and causing you to hide your smile. In severe cases, this problem can also lead to long-term health concerns. If you have missing teeth or believe that dental implants are a viable option for you, you most likely have some immediate questions. Fortunately, the Elite… READ MORE

Why Do Some Anterior Implant Restorations Look More Natural?

Posted in Dental Implants

The hardest tooth in the mouth to restore is one of the four maxillary incisors, because they are directly in the line of sight and are being compared to the other incisors next to them. Even more difficult than that is the restoration of an implant in that location. Unless the implant is precisely placed using a very… READ MORE

What Color are Your Teeth?

Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening

What color are your teeth? Of course, there is no “right” answer. Teeth come in endless shades and ranges. When we talk about tooth color in our office, we try to break it down into no fewer than 40 shades (light to dark) and ranges (color). For example, you could have a very light shade… READ MORE

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants

Bone grafting and dental implants typically go hand-in-hand, as the loss of a tooth can wear down the surrounding jawbone structure and a dental implant is a common procedure to replace lost teeth. As soon as a person loses a tooth, bone loss begins. In order to place a sturdy, reliable dental implant, a bone… READ MORE

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait For Your Dental Implant

Posted in Dental Implants

You need dental implants, but you are reluctant to get started. We understand that there is some hesitation and life gets in the way. However, here are a list of reasons as to why you shouldn’t wait. 1. Stop your remaining teeth from moving. Your teeth help keep everything in place. When you are missing a… READ MORE