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Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants Washington DC

Learn How Our Dental Implant Specialists Restore Confident Smiles with Premier Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants come in different varieties, one of which is the mini dental implant. As the name implies, these implants are smaller than traditional implants and can be used in areas not accessible with traditional restorations or to support a less costly prosthesis.

Since mini dental implants require less bone than traditional implants, many people who are not candidates for conventional implants due to insufficient bone may be candidates for the mini implants. Working with a highly experienced and compassionate prosthodontist like Dr. Gerald Marlin is crucial in getting the most out of your mini dental implants. 

Continue reading or contact us online to learn more about mini dental implants in Washington DC. Elite Prosthetic Dentistry proudly serves patients from Washington DC, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Arlington, nearby areas of Maryland and Virginia, and from around the country. Patients choose Dr. Marlin and our team because we are committed to “getting it right” the first time.

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What is A Mini Dental Implant? How do they Work?

Mini implants can either serve as permanent implants or as interim ones to hold and stabilize a denture while the bone is being rebuilt by grafting. Depending upon the situation or the type of prosthesis seated on them, mini implants can be less costly than traditional implants when used to stabilize final dentures. Since they are immediately loaded, mini implants provide instant stability to the denture prosthesis.

What are the Benefits of Mini Implants?

There are several benefits to the use of mini implants:

  • For proper osseointegration, mini dental implants do not require as much bone mass. Therefore, this implant type can be a great option for patients who have suffered bone loss, helping them avoid the need for a bone graft.
  • Mini implants are smaller, so they can more easily fit into smaller areas of your mouth (ideal for smaller teeth).
  • The surgery is less invasive, less downtime is required than with standard dental implants.
  • They are less expensive than regular dental implants.

Are Mini Dental Implants Meant to Support Crowns?

Unfortunately, we have had patients who come to us with failing mini implants because they were restored with crowns. Mini implants are absolutely not intended to support individual crowns (caps), but we can use them to stabilize an overdenture if you are missing several teeth.

What are the Differences Between Mini Implants and Standard Implants?

There are several distinctions between the two types of dental implants:

  • With standard dental implants, substantial bone mass is required for osseointegration. Mini implants can be implemented in patients with bone loss as a method of reinforcing and stabilizing dentures.
  • Therefore, mini implants can stabilize traditional dentures, keeping them in place more securely.
  • Mini implants are considerably smaller than standard implants. Because mini implants are significantly smaller, they may be an ideal alternative where existing bone is insufficient.
  • Rather than using screws or abutments as regular implants do, elastic retentions caps,O-rings, and other devices hold the denture in place on a device seated on the implant.
  • The surgical procedure for mini implants is less invasive than traditional implants, meaning there is less downtime.
  • Mini implants cost less than regular dental implants.
  • Regular dental implants provide more stability and a much longer-term solution (they are considered permanent solutions to tooth loss). Because they are smaller, mini implants may not be as stable or last as long.
  • In some cases, two mini implants are needed to provide the same support as one regular dental implant.
  • With enough bone support, standard implants provide superior full denture restorative solutions

Real Patient Results

When it comes to your smile, you deserve the best. Review our many satisfied patients’ incredible transformations by viewing our before and after gallery!

Why Choose Dr. Marlin for Mini Dental Implants in Washington DC?

As a dental implant specialist, Dr. Marlin has collectively installed and restored over 3,600 dental implants, using only top-quality handmade materials from Elite Prosthetic Dentistry’s own in-house laboratory, along with state-of-the-art imaging technology. Dr. Marlin has consistently been regarded by both patients and peers as one of the best prosthodontists in the Washington DC metro area for many years. He is highly respected for his outstanding dental work, contributions, patents, as well as his compassionate dedication to his many valued patients. You can learn more about Dr. Marlin by visiting his bio page.

Learn More About Mini Dental Implants in Washington DC

Both dental implants and mini implants are great options for replacing missing teeth and achieving a “simply radiant, simply natural” smile that you’ll love for years. To find out if you are a candidate. Dr. Marlin will discuss which implant options are best suited for your unique needs during your initial consultation and can be reached at (202) 244-2101. Our team looks forward to meeting you soon!