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The thought of losing a front tooth can be very frightening. Replacing a front tooth with a dental implant and crown is one of the most challenging areas of restorative dentistry, especially when restoring one of the two central incisors in the midline. If that implant is not ideally placed, the overlying crown will not be as aesthetically pleasing as desired.

However, using meticulous planning and delivery, Dr. Gerald Marlin consistently replace the missing tooth with a “simply radiant, simply natural” crown seated on an optimal abutment installed on an ideally positioned implant. 

Read on to see how we perform front tooth replacements in our office. You can also contact Elite Prosthetic Dentistry online or call (202) 244-2101 to schedule your personalized consultation. We treat patients from Washington DC, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Rockville, Alexandria, Arlington, and other nearby areas, as well as from other regions of the country and internationally because we “get it right” the first time.

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Missing or Damaged Front Teeth Can Significantly Impact the Visual Aesthetics of Your Smile. Below are Actual Patients Who Had Their Front Teeth Replaced with Our Custom Dental Implants.

Patient: Replaced her failing front tooth with a dental implant and a crown
Patient: Rejenvated her mutilated dentition with a new smile line
Don’t let missing front teeth keep you from smiling. Replacing your front teeth starts by scheduling a consultation with our dental implant specialists.

Badly discolored tooth replaced to create a beautiful white smile!

Challenges of Restoring an Anterior Implant

Due to the nature of the procedure, correctly restoring an anterior implant is very challenging and thus requires the expertise of a highly knowledgeable prosthodontist. 

Some reasons for this include:

While other providers may offer these services, very few can obtain the beautiful and enduring results that Dr. Marlin and our team achieve on a regular basis.

Why Choose Elite Prosthetic Dentistry for a Washington DC Front Tooth Replacement?

Expertise and Top-Quality

Dr. Marlin is renowned for his work as a prosthodontist and his many exceptional services, such as his work with implant restorations, smile makeovers, crowns that last over 35 years, and more. More than anything, Dr. Marlin is committed to helping people gain the smiles that they’ll love for years to come. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Marlin’s background, contributions, accolades, etc., please visit his bio page. You can also review our practice’s services, philosophy, and more by visiting our Who We Are and Why Us pages. 

In House Laboratory

Since 1985, we have worked integrally with our own in-house laboratory technician to produce the most durable and aesthetically elegant crowns (well over 35 years) and other restorations. We replicate your natural tooth shape, internal shade, and translucency, which cannot be matched by working with an off-site, commercial laboratory. Better yet, having an in-house lab ensures you will receive a faster result without sacrificing quality.

Our Front Tooth Replacement Process

At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, we are fully committed to delivering the very best front tooth replacement experience. Therefore, we have gone above and beyond to develop a process that has revitalized the smiles of countless patients like you.

Our process includes:

We will first take a CT Scan of your teeth so that we can position the implant according to your bone contours. The CT Scan also lets us analyze your bone quality. An intraoral scan will also be conducted so that we can position the implant to achieve ideal aesthetics. 


The technician will design the shape to be natural looking and biocompatible with the bone and soft tissue. The design will compensate for angulation and gum tissue shape disparities with the natural teeth. 


The implant will be inserted to fit under the crown in the best bone, avoiding nerves, sinuses, and other important structures.

Using high-tech imaging, Dr. Marlin fabricates a “surgical guide” to precisely position the implant as preplanned. 


Four months after the implant insertion, it is now ready for the impression to restore it. At this point, the implant has fully integrated into the bone, and soft tissue has matured around the healing abutment.  


Your top-quality abutment and porcelain crown will be custom made and hand-crafted (not milled). The intricately made crown and abutment will fit seamlessly together. 


Toggle Your crown is first created with internal coloration for a 3D affect and then custom stained by our in-house technician to match the adjacent teeth. This renders it “simply radiant, simply natural”. An X-ray evaluation will be conducted, examining the abutment to implant and crown to abutment fit. Lastly, the abutment will be adjusted to ensure it is biocompatible with the gum tissue.

The implant’s severe angulation due to bone loss and proximity to the nerve. The crown is directly on the midline, exaggerating any differences with the natural tooth. Compensating between implant and natural tooth rot. 



Real Patient Results

When it comes to your smile, you deserve the best. Review our many satisfied patients’ incredible transformations by viewing our before and after gallery!

Schedule Front Tooth Replacement in Washington DC

If you are missing one or more anterior (front) teeth and would like to better understand your special aesthetic requirements and how we will resolve them to provide you with a “simply radiant, simply natural” smile over anterior implants, call (202) 244-2101.