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Cosmetic Dentistry Case

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Posted on January, 30 2019 by G Marlin

Simply Radiant, Simply Natural

We take great pride in having made a difference to a vast number of patients for over 35 years. Our goal: make it radiant, make it natural. In this digital era of using stamped out, milled crowns and veneers developed from virtual libraries in software programs, we pride ourselves with fabricating all of our crowns in our in-house laboratory using custom, internal shading, anatomic form to match each individual facial pattern, and proper translucency that is specific to each patient’s coloring. As a result, we consistently provide crowns and veneers that have a great look with an unsurpassed fit that lasts over thirty years (3X the national average).

In this example, with natural-looking crowns, we were able to make this very pretty young lady with a severely worn dentition and an over closed bite, simply radiant!

Initial Presentation

A Radiant Smile

“Before I sought Dr. Marlin’s help, I had very weak, damaged teeth. I was constantly worrying when one may break. I felt very self-conscious about my smile, especially in photos. However, the idea of having drastic dental work done at a fairly young age was foreign to me and provoked a lot of anxiety. As a result, I found myself putting the process off. This all changed for me when I began researching prosthodontists in the area and decided to meet with Dr. Marlin and his team. He listened to my concerns and assured me that my teeth would not only be corrected with porcelain crowns, but that they would look natural and congruent with my features. His team worked tirelessly to ensure the function and aesthetics of my teeth were exceptional and to my liking. I was so impressed to see that the crowns his team developed looked almost identical to my natural teeth prior to the wear and damage just as I had hoped they would. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted having addressed my dental issues with such a professional and talented team. Thank you, Dr. Marlin and team for the amazing job you did, for your kindness and understanding throughout the process, and for being so accommodating to my schedule and fitting me in sometimes at moment’s notice. You guys are the best!!

– Sara C.