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Temporary Crowns Restore Patient’s Smile in Just One Day with an Immediate Smile Makeover

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Posted on November, 28 2023 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD
before and after patient temporary dental crowns immediate smile makeover Potomac MD

Before After immediate smile makeover Bethesda MDA patient from Potomac, Maryland, came to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry with the chief complaint of pain from her failing dental implant and its impact on her appearance.

Her dental implant looked artificial in her mouth and was impacting her smile. She had been very unhappy with her unsightly smile line and was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with her appearance, which affected her confidence.

Our expert team at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry was able to transform this patient’s smile in a single day. In just one procedure, we removed all the patient’s old dental crowns and restorations, repaired her implant with a bone graft, and inserted a hand-crafted temporary splint custom-made for her smile in our private, in-house lab.

The patient’s custom temporary crown allowed her to have an immediate smile makeover while she waited for her permanent ones. Once the permanent restorations were complete, this patient had a natural-looking smile she was proud to show off.