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Gummy Smiles Rehabilitated Gallery

Gummy Smiles Rehabilitated Before After Gallery

Our before and after gallery showcases the transformative results of our gummy smile rehabilitation treatment cases, we understand the impact that an excessive amount of gum tissue can have on your smile and your confidence. You’ll see how we’ve been able to help patients achieve a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing smile by reducing the amount of visible gum tissue.

Gummy Smile Before After Gallery Washington DC
gummy smile rehabilitation patient Bethesda

Didn’t Like How Her Smile Showed a Great Deal of Gum Tissue

Situation: Our patient showed a great deal of gum tissue when she smiled, and was dissatisfied with her smile presentation because of that “gummy” smile.

Treatment: To start the process, our technician fabricated very aesthetic temporary crowns to match her lip line and facial pattern. After a very successful periodontal procedure to reduce the amount of gum tissue in her smile line to match the temporary crowns, we were able to provide her with an instant smile make-over. Three months later, she had her new final crowns.

Gummy Smile Before After Gallery Washington DC
Gummy Smile Before After Gallery Bethesda

Unhappy her whole adult life with how her teeth and gums were dominating her smile

Situation: AS had been very unhappy her whole adult life with how her teeth and gums were dominating her smile, and, therefore, her overall appearance. 

Treatment: She presented with seemingly intractable, multiple problems: she had very unsightly dental crowns with her two front teeth being very wide, square, and unnatural; she was missing her left lateral incisor with her left canine, a much bigger tooth, being positioned in that spot; her gum tissue was very uneven being too low around her right canine and lateral incisor, squeezed out between her two front teeth and much higher on the left side than on the right; the crowns were “dead white” and opaque and flashing, especially in relation to her darker gingiva and complexion.