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Patient’s Teeth Were Neglected and Broken Down as He Avoided Dental Appointments

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Posted on May, 2 2023 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD
a-revitalized-smile-creating-a-recharged-confidence before after 1

When Fikri first visited Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, he was motivated to undergo a complete smile makeover. Due to negative experiences with dentists in his childhood, Fikri avoided dental appointments and, as such, his teeth had been neglected over the years and had begun to deteriorate.

Fikri was missing a few front teeth and had broken teeth that were affecting his appearance and confidence, as well as his ability to bite and chew. To help ease his stress about restoring his smile, Fikri opted for sedation dentistry. Throughout his multiple procedures, Fikri said he felt nothing and was totally at ease.

To Fikri, his new smile was transformative and gave him a newfound confidence in his social interactions. “I could not have picked a better practice,” he says. “Dr. Marlin and his team gave me back my smile in just a couple of weeks—I am so happy with the results!”


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