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Our Patient Determined It Was Time for a Smile Makeover

Posted in Dental Crowns, Sedation Dentistry, Success Stories

Posted on January, 30 2023 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD

After consulting with Elite Prosthetic Dentistry for a smile makeover, our patient wanted to wait until she was prepared for a change. Once she was ready to change her smile, she came in to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry to have temporary crowns placed.

We were able to provide Ms. M with an immediate smile makeover with oral sedation. The patient’s temporary dental crowns looked entirely natural, unlike the crowns traditional dentists provide, so that the patient’s smile is not hindered while she waits for her permanent restorations.

The temporary crowns were, like all restorations at our practice, designed in our in-house lab so that the anatomic form complimented her great cheekbones and eyes. Although we could not alter the angle of her teeth, she was thrilled to have an immediate smile restoration while she waited for her permanent crowns.