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For 30 Years, Our Patient Suffered with Teeth That Were Very Dark Due to Tetracycline Staining

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Posted on April, 12 2023 by G Marlin
dental-crown-smile-makeovers-discolored-teeth-transformations-dental-crowns-severely-discolored-dentition--5843 before after

dental-crown-smile-makeovers-discolored-teeth-transformations-dental-crowns-severely-discolored-dentition--7739 Bharati had been a patient of Elite Prosthetic Dentistry’s for years before she decided to change her smile. She had suffered her whole life with teeth that were very dark and stained due to receiving the antibiotic tetracycline as a child before her permanent teeth came in.

Since tetracycline is a type of intrinsic staining, traditional whitening procedures are not an option for brightening the teeth. Therefore, Elite Prosthetic Dentistry aimed to transform Bharati’s smile with dental crowns.

The day we put in temporary dental crowns on her front teeth, Bharati had an immediate smile makeover and transformation. After placing her permanent dental crowns, Bharati says that she can’t stop smiling with her beautiful new, bright teeth. Watch her story here.