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Success Stories

Patient Success Stories - See Our Results for Yourself

before and after patient temporary dental crowns immediate smile makeover Potomac MD

Temporary Crowns Restore Patient’s Smile in Just One Day with an Immediate Smile Makeover

A patient from Potomac, Maryland, came to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry with the chief complaint of pain from her failing dental implant and its impact on her appearance. Her dental implant looked artificial in her mouth and was impacting her smile… READ FULL POST

before after patient smile makeover prosthodontist DC

Multi-Faceted Treatment for Patient Unhappy With Her Artificial-Looking Crowns, Teeth and Gums

A particular patient who sought our help was very unhappy with how her teeth and gums were impacting her smile and, therefore, her overall appearance. This patient presented with multiple problems. The first was that she had poor-quality dental crowns on her two front teeth… READ FULL POST

before after dentures patient prosthodontics Chevy Chase MD

Treating Kevin’s Collapsed Bite with a Complete Smile Makeover with New Dentures

Dentures are sometimes not created to the ideal aesthetic and functional scheme. Kevin came to us very dissatisfied with his existing condition. He looked much older than his age because his bite was collapsed and no one could really see his teeth when he smiled… READ FULL POST

Patient before and after smile makeover Bethesda MD

Salvaging Ms. N’s Severely Broken-Down Upper and Lower Teeth from Gum and Bone Disease

Ms. N presented to us in complete distress with two lower anterior teeth that were about to fall out and wide gaps opening between her upper and lower anterior teeth. She had full blow periodontal disease and in need of periodontal prosthesis therapy…  READ FULL POST

before and after severely worn overdenture appliances Washington DC

Rejuvenating Maria’s Severely Worn Down Implant Overdentures

Many times, per year, patients come to us frustrated because their implant prosthesis is so severely worn down that they are very self-conscious and cover up their smile. They look and feel much older than their age as a result of the extensive wear of their appliance(s)….  READ FULL POST

before and after patient dental crowns in house lab DC

A Smile Transformation in Just Four Months: A Patient’s Dental Crown Restoration for a TV Series

A patient with dental crowns that were in poor shape was going to appear on a streaming video series on a major TV network that was scheduled to begin filming soon. However, our patient, John, was anxious as his teeth were not up to his standards and began searching for a prosthodontist in the DC area…  READ FULL POST

Photo of front tooth replacement with an implant before and after Bethesda, MD

Replacing a Discolored Front Tooth with a Precision Placed Implant

Some of the most challenging restorations occur when fabricating an anterior crown to fit on an implant. Not only does one have the difficulty of matching the single anterior (front) tooth to the other ones, he or she has to make sure the position of the underlying implant is precise by accurate preplanning and placement….. READ FULL POST

gummy smile before and after Washington DC

Patient Was Dissatisfied With Her “Gummy” Smile

Excessive gingival tissue can significantly impact the appearance of a person’s smile and their self-confidence. When a patient came to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, she was concerned about her “gummy smile”, or excessive gum tissue showing when she smiled…. READ FULL POST

Implant reconstruction before and after Washington DC

Treating Congenitally Missing Teeth in a Teenager with Dental Implants

A 16-year-old patient from McLean, Virginia, was congenitally missing several teeth—that is, they were missing from birth. She was referred to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry by her orthodontist, who had gone as far as he could with her treatment… READ FULL POST

all-on-6 dental implants Bethesda

Addressing Patient’s Bone Loss with Extensive Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

After experiencing severe teeth discoloration, gaps between his teeth, and gum recession, Craig, a patient from Washington, DC, came to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry for help. While Craig did not experience significant decay or breakdown of his teeth, he did have extensive bone loss…  READ FULL POST

allon4--1875 before after1

Patient Came to Us Because of Our Reputation for Performing All-On-4® Type of Procedures Emphasizing Bone Preservation

Mr. R from the Washington, DC area had heard about ClearChoice®, their All-on-Four® procedure, and their replacement teeth in a day without bone grafting. However, given his severely receding gums, he was skeptical… READ FULL POST

complex reconstruction case 1880 before after1

Patient Was a Very Severe Teeth Grinder and Had Worn Down all of his Teeth

An attorney from Washington, DC, who frequently speaks in front of juries, judges, lawyers, and business professionals, was seeking a cosmetic improvement with this smile. For years, he had been a very severe teeth grinder and had worn down all his teeth… READ FULL POST

a-revitalized-smile-creating-a-recharged-confidence before after 1

Patient’s Teeth Were Neglected and Broken Down as He Avoided Dental Appointments

When Fikri first visited Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, he was motivated to undergo a complete smile makeover. Due to negative experiences with dentists in his childhood, Fikri avoided dental appointments and, as such, his teeth had been neglected over the years… READ FULL POST


discolored teeth before and after prosthodontist Washington DC

Our Patient Presented With a Very Dire Situation After the Complete Loss of Bone Up to the Floor of Her Nose

Lucy, a patient from Bethesda, Maryland, presented with a very dire situation after experiencing the complete loss of bone up to the floor of her nose, which happened after her impacted upper left canine (#11) was surgically extracted… READ FULL POST

failed dental implants restoration Washington DC

Restoring Multiple Old Dental Implants That Had Either Fractured or Failed

As a vibrant 87-year-old from Potomac, Maryland, wanting to improve his smile, Mr. T came to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry with multiple old dental implants that were either fractured… READ FULL POST

dental-crown-smile-makeovers-discolored-teeth-transformations-dental-crowns-severely-discolored-dentition--5843 before after

For 30 Years, Our Patient Suffered with Teeth That Were Very Dark Due to Tetracycline Staining

Bharati had been a patient of Elite Prosthetic Dentistry’s for years before she decided to change her smile. She had suffered her whole life with teeth that were dark and stained due to receiving the antibiotic tetracycline… READ FULL POST

emergency-aesthetic-repair--1890 1894

Our Patient Fell and Broke His Front Teeth. We Had Immediate Temporary Restorations Available the Next Day

A broken tooth requires immediate attention. Walking around with a broken tooth or teeth is out of the question for most people. Since Elite Prosthetic Dentistry has its own in-house lab, we have… READ FULL POST


Our Patient Determined It Was Time for a Smile Makeover

After consulting with Elite Prosthetic Dentistry for a smile makeover, our patient wanted to wait until she was prepared for a change. Once she was ready to change her smile, she came in to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry to…READ FULL POST
before after patient gap tooth smile makeover Bethesda MD

She Did Not Like the Gap Between Her Two Front Teeth

Our patient has a gap between her two front teeth and underwent orthodontic therapy to close the space. She received an immediate smile makeover with temporary crowns. She couldn’t be happier with the results.

Screenshot (590) (1)-min

Our Patient Got Her Smile Back With New Temporary Crowns

Our patient Jessica got temporary crowns placed due to falling off an electric scooter. She fractured her two front teeth. She was able to regain her confidence and smile back with temporary crowns.

Screenshot 2021-06-16 125246

Can a Failing Implant Be Salvaged or Replaced?

Occasionally patients visit us to repair an implant that, for some reason, is failing. Even with extensive bone loss, the implant can usually be saved. The video below explains the factors that can limit the success of a dental implant. It also provides an overview of Dr. Gerald Marlin’s approach…READ FULL POST

smile makeover before & after

Smile Makeover with Dentition Reconstruction

Our patient from Bethesda, MD was referred by her Periodontist for us to reconstruct her jaw with crowns to create a smile makeover. Previously placed implants in her upper left jaw had failed, and with little available bone in that part of her upper jaw, she was not a candidate to receive other…READ FULL POST

satisfied patient smiling

Fix My Smile: Our Patient's Success Story

A recent graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD sought us out to fix his smile. While he was at the Naval Academy, he had a traumatic injury to his four front teeth and was presently wearing an unsightly temporary crown. Two of his other front teeth had fractures and previous root…READ FULL POST

Before and after of a smile transformation and smile makeover

Waiting For That Rejuvenated Smile!

After waiting several years, this patient presented with a desire to improve her smile. It was time to replace her veneers. To provide long-lasting, well-fitting upper crowns, each tooth had old fillings removed and was then meticulously rebuilt on the same day as the temporary crowns were…READ FULL POST

Tooth Enamel Erosion & Treatment

Tooth Enamel Erosion & Treatment

A college student treated by Dr. Gerald Marlin in his Washington DC dental office had severe erosion of his tooth enamel. As the enamel eroded, the dentin layer made his teeth look more yellow. Continuing erosion made the teeth so thin that the edges appear blue.  Porcelain crowns were placed to…READ FULL POST

before after dental veneer prosthodontist DC

The Single Anterior Crown

This patient presented with a veneer on the upper right central incisor whose shape did not match the upper left central incisor (see the arrow) and was the wrong color. The result was an artificial, square looking tooth that had inflamed gum tissue because it was squeezed by the veneers bulky…READ FULL POST

The Compromised Smile

The Compromised Smile

No Matter What Your Age, You Owe It To Yourself! Why should an active, energetic woman be compromised by her smile?  These original acrylic crowns had darkened and discolored. New porcelain crowns reestablished her smile’s beauty. Before & After Smile Makeover…READ FULL POST

Severe Restorative Breakdown

Severe Restorative Breakdown

With several missing teeth, many teeth that were severely decayed, and a dramatically collapsed bite, this patient was in danger of losing her remaining upper teeth and having to wear a denture. By opening her bite and creating crowns that more naturally match to her very attractive lip line, we…READ FULL POST

See the Possibilities from a Dramatic Cosmetic Dental Makeover

See the Possibilities from a Dramatic Cosmetic Dental Makeover

Why Choose Dr. Marlin for Smile Makeovers? Our custom and quality work is second to none. Our patients have loved the work we delivered for years and decades to come. We don’t rest until you have the makeover, function and overall appearance of your teeth and smile that you want and deserve…READ FULL POST

Repairing the Worn Out Dentition

Repairing the Worn Out Dentition

In your 20s, you have slight ridges on the surface of your teeth and tiny ripples at the bottom of your teeth, that give dimension, character and youthfulness to your teeth. Over time, teeth shift and shorten causing your lips to sag inward. The edges and surfaces flatten causing a boxy appearance…READ FULL POST

Reconstruction with a Quadrant of Crowns Seated on Implants

Reconstruction with a Quadrant of Crowns Seated on Implants

This patient presented with the need to restore the upper left quadrant. With so few teeth remaining, her options were to have a removable appliance or place implants for fixed Implant Supported Crowns. Due to a very large sinus, she had no bone support in this quadrant. Therefore, a bone graft was…READ FULL POST

Implant Supported Reconstruction

Implant Supported Reconstruction

This patient presented with all of her maxillary teeth failing and in danger of having to wear a denture either during treatment or permanently. We were able to salvage several teeth on an interim basis, which kept her out of a denture. Having been completely reborn with a full arch of crowns that…READ FULL POST

Emergency Repair of Two Fractured Front Teeth

Emergency Repair of Two Fractured Front Teeth

Trauma Needing Immediate CareHaving fractured her two front teeth after falling down, this patient was desperately seeking an immediate esthetic correction. Our in-house laboratory quickly fabricated two custom temporary crowns, which we placed two days later. Immediate Temporary CrownsPrior to…READ FULL POST

Dramatic Smile Improvement

Dramatic Smile Improvement

Porcelain Is Very Life-Like When Fabricated Correctly Before: Many crowns do not look natural. How often have you seen crowns like these that are too wide, too long, too protrusive, too white, and too opaque (no translucency)? After: To make her smile more beautiful, new crowns were fabricated…READ FULL POST

Dental Implants Supporting a Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Dental Implants Supporting a Cosmetic Smile Makeover

This patient was referred to us by her Orthodontist and General Dentist, when she was fifteen years old, for a smile makeover, using implants to replace her congenitally missing permanent teeth. Even though she was in the middle of orthodontic therapy, we were called upon to provide guidance on the…READ FULL POST

Dental Implant Supported Makeover with Crowns

Dental Implant Supported Makeover with Crowns

This patient had numerous dental issues: a fractured root, extensive decay under crowns, missing teeth, and failing root canals. To avoid wearing a removable appliance, crowns were permanently cemented over nine implants and multiple teeth. As a result, his smile is youthful and natural, and he has…READ FULL POST

Dental Implant Rejuvenation of the Jaw

Dental Implant Rejuvenation of the Jaw

Over the years, this patient had lost multiple teeth, while severely abrading others. With the placement of implants and new crowns, he was rejuvenated to a completely functioning mouth as if he never lost any teeth. Before & After After: Custom Implant Abutment with final crowns…READ FULL POST

Cosmetic Dentistry Case

Cosmetic Dentistry Case

Simply Radiant, Simply Natural We take great pride in having made a difference to a vast number of patients for over 35 years. Our goal: make it radiant, make it natural. In this digital era of using stamped out, milled crowns and veneers developed from virtual libraries in software programs, we…READ FULL POST

Correcting a Gummy Smile patient

Correcting a Gummy Smile

For this dental patient, Dr Gerald Marlin, in his Washington DC dental office, the gingival (gum) tissue has been raised up, to decrease the gummy smile, while her crowns were lengthened. Her attractive lip line has now been enhanced. Creation of a softer, fuller, more feminine smile. Before…READ FULL POST

Esthetic Correction patient

An Esthetic Correction

This patient was referred by her plastic surgeon in order to have an esthetic improvement with a new set of veneers (preferably porcelain ones) to replace her existing composite veneers on her four front teeth. However, the placement of veneers was contraindicated for her incisors, since she had…READ FULL POST

Emergency Repair of Two Fractured Front Teeth

A More Natural Look

When porcelain is milky or opaque looking, the crowns do not look real. With protrusive teeth that can not be brought in, this becomes magnified. Proper translucency is critical for your smile to look natural. After treatment, our patients will have natural and healthy looking smiles. See for your…READ FULL POST


Dr. Marlin Attends Advanced Conference to ‘Focus on Artistry in Dentistry’

Dr. Marlin’s mission for all of his patients’ smiles has been to focus on the ‘artistry’ of dentistry, to make patients thrilled with the end result, rather focused on custom fabricated restorations, that don’t necessarily deliver the satisfaction and perfection that patients want with their smile…READ FULL POST

Dr. Gerald Marlin

Dr. Gerald Marlin Invents & Patents Advanced Dental Implant Restoration System

Our own Dr. Marlin is not only a leading Prosthodontist and cosmetic dentist in Bethesda-Chevy Chase and Washington D.C., but an inventor of new technology expanding and improving the field of dental implant restorations. After he designed the new technology system, he filed multiple patents on his…READ FULL POST