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In-House Lab

Our In-House Dental Laboratory

Providing ‘Custom’ Quality Work to You in Less Time

We maintain our own, private dental lab where all of our restorations can be crafted to Dr. Marlin’s exact specifications. If you demand perfection from your dental restorations – both in strength and appearance – please call Elite Prosthetic Dentistry at (202) 244-2101 or see our online form to schedule a consultation today. We serve the communities of Bethesda, Arlington, and all surrounding Metro D.C. areas.

Benefits of our in-house lab:

  • Custom aesthetics as the technician directly sees your particular “look”
  • A more precise crown fit than offered by commercial labs, especially compared to milled crowns fabricated from stock images
  • Greater efficiency, faster delivery of your restoration
  • We are one of the only Prosthodontic practices with an in-house lab

Greater precision and esthetics in less time, with our in-house professional laboratory.

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During the course of over 23 years, I have had crowns, bridges and fillings replaced, all of which were the most professional I’ve ever had. In fact, what led me to Dr. Marlin in the early 1990s was the bridge he created for my upper front teeth. A true testament to his work is that, not one person in over 20 years could ever tell that there was a bridge.

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The benefits of choosing a practice with an in-house lab

Since 1985, we have worked integrally with our own in-house laboratory technician to produce the most esthetic, long lasting crowns (well over 35 years) and other restorations. We replicate your natural tooth shape, internal shade, and translucency, which cannot be matched by working with an off-site, commercial laboratory. Better yet, with our own in-house laboratory you experience a faster result without sacrificing quality.

Starting with our exclusive 3 dimensional shade matching as our technician works directly with you to replicate the internal colors and translucencies of your natural teeth, followed by custom layering of any of our 5 top porcelains, and finally by chairside staining of your final crowns (Fig 1), we provide simply natural, simply radiant restorations each and every time.

Prior to delivering them to you, the fit of each crown is precisely checked under the microscope (Fig. 2).

Whether it is for a single crown, an implant restoration, or a smile make-over, patients come to us from around the Washington, D.C. area, around the country, and from abroad for their treatment.

patient having teeth exhamined
Fig. 1: Internal Custom Staining to Match to the Adjacent Tooth

We have excellent equipment to assure us that we can have the desired precision and esthetics for our single crowns and reconstructions. Our porcelain furnaces are known for being the type of equipment for achieving the best esthetics and strength for all-ceramic or porcelain fused to precious metal crowns. in addition, our technician checks the fit of each crown to its die using a microscope and makes sure that each crown is biocompatible with its surrounding gingiva (gum tissue).

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry serves patients not only in local communities like Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Arlington, Potomac and Rockville, but from areas all over the country. Call (202) 244-2101 or reach out via our online form today to schedule your initial consultation.

staff member using in-house lab
Fig. 2: Our In-house lab technician ensuring the precise fit of each crown.