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A Smile Transformation in Just Four Months: A Patient’s Dental Crown Restoration for a TV Series

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Posted on September, 15 2023 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD
before and after patient dental crowns in house lab DC

Before patient dental crowns Bethesda, MD A patient with dental crowns that were in poor shape was going to appear on a streaming video series on a major TV network that was scheduled to begin filming soon.

However, our patient, John, an author about to embark on a book tour, was anxious as his teeth were not up to his standards to appear on television. Given the tight schedule to begin his new series, John began searching for a prosthodontist in the DC Metro Area to restore his smile on his tight deadline.

After speaking with multiple dentists and asking for recommendations, John found that Elite Prosthetic Dentistry came up again and again as the primary recommendation. So after patient dental crowns Washington, DC John scheduled an appointment and met with Dr. Marlin to discuss his smile transformation.

In their initial meeting, Dr. Marlin confirmed what John already knew—that his dental crowns would need to be replaced because of their poor condition and their impact on his oral health and appearance. The dental crowns would allow a simply radiant, simply natural smile that would look great under intense TV lighting.

Ideally, John would have had orthodontic treatment to correct his misaligned teeth prior to the crown placement. However, John’s timeline for appearing on the show did not allow for orthodontics, so Dr. Marlin accepted the challenge to compensate for the patient’s unique tooth rotations with precision dental crowns.

Working under a four-month deadline, Dr. Marlin and his professional team were able to complete the treatment due in part to their private, in-house lab, which allowed for the swift, yet meticulous, crafting of John’s new dental crowns.

The complex treatment was completed within the patient’s required timeline, providing John with a beautiful, natural appearance in plenty of time for his new TV series. Needless to say, he was very happy with the results. “I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Marlin and his team,” says John. “I recommend Dr. Marlin highly and with no reservations whatsoever. He brought my smile back, and he will bring your smile back as well.”