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Implant Restoration

Overview of Dental Implants in Washington D.C. Provided by Elite Prosthetic Dentistry

Top-Rated Prosthodontist Serving Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Arlington, & the greater Washington DC area

If you are missing one or more teeth, you may avoid smiling. Even a single missing tooth can impact your self-confidence. But it’s more than that. One or more missing teeth can cause serious health consequences for you, including:

  • Loss of bone density, width, and height in your jaw
  • Problems with your jaw alignment and bite
  • Resulting joint and muscle pain in your jaw as your teeth shift into gaps
  • Stress on your other teeth, resulting in mobility, breakdown, or additional tooth loss
  • With full arch breakdown, all of the above in combination with a collapsed bite having a dramatic effect on appearance 

The good news is that Dr. Gerald Marlin can help. If you are missing teeth and would like to discuss your dental implant options, please contact or call our experienced prosthodontist, Dr. Marlin, today at 202-244-2101 to schedule an appointment

Patients come to us from around Washington D.C., Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Rockville, Alexandria, Arlington, and other nearby areas, as well as from other regions of the country and internationally for our therapy because of our consistent results by “getting it right” the first time. 

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the strongest, most reliable tooth replacement solution available. Inserted directly into the jawbone, they are designed to provide a permanent base for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. With their high predictability and success rates (>97%), dental implants are an excellent option for tooth replacement. An implant (red arrow in digital image, below) replaces your tooth’s missing root, providing many functional and aesthetic benefits.

While the thought of having to lose a front tooth can be very traumatic, we replace that tooth using Precision Implant Placement, followed by our In-house Lab creating a custom “emergence profile” abutment and crown. The results are quite striking and natural, assuring a great smile, solid function, and jawbone preservation.

Having inserted and restored thousands of implants surgically, Dr. Marlin and his team fully understand that losing a tooth and having to replace it with an implant can make you very anxious. Rest assured that we will pay great attention to your comfort during procedures, including Sedation Dentistry  (oral and I.V. sedation) under our care. Your smile line will stay intact or even improve from start to finish (see below)

A hopeless tooth transforms into a rejuvenated, enhanced smile!
Implant Replacing the Missing Root
watch: What to Expect with Dental Implant Treatment
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Why Choose Dr. Marlin for Implant Restoration?

Here are a few additional reasons to choose Dr. Marlin and his team:

As one of the most experienced and trusted surgical prosthodontists in the Washington D.C. region, Dr. Marlin has placed and restored more than 3,400 dental implants for his patients.

Unlike other dental offices, we have our own in-house dental lab to make custom abutments and crowns that precisely harmonize your new implants with your existing teeth, and we perform the entire process right here in our office. This means you don’t have to go to a separate oral surgeon or periodontist to have the implant placed. We are one of the only prosthodontic practices with a full-service crown and bridge and implant restoration lab that also provides implant surgery.

Dr. Marlin has been named to The Washingtonian’s list of Best Dentists every year since 2003. He is known for creating “simply radiant, simply natural” smiles. Follow the link to see Dr. Marlin’s other awards and recognitions.

Dr. Marlin invented the “emergence profile abutment” and uses a CT Scan generated surgical guide for precision implant placement.

Dr. Marlin is trusted for handling both “simple” single implants to the most complex cases. Many of our patients come from our gratified patients, general dentists, and other dental specialists who recognize Dr. Marlin’s expertise with complex dental implant cases. So, you can be confident that he will know the best way to help you. Follow the link to see some of our success stories!

Our “End-to-End” Implant Therapy: Everything Done in Our Office!

Overall, the cosmetics, function, and longevity of your implant replacement teeth are directly related to four factors: 

  1. Assuring good quality and amount of bone support to receive your implants 
  2. Precise Implant Placement (PIP)
  3. Our premier in-house, custom laboratory fabricating individualized abutments and crowns
  4. Meticulous implant restoration by an expert prosthodontist 

Your Personalized Dental Implants Consultation with Dr. Marlin

As there are various dental implant treatment options, Dr. Marlin will work closely with you to determine which one best suits your dental needs, goals, and budget. 

During your friendly and informative consultation, Dr. Marlin and his team will:

  • Examine your teeth using imaging software and other advanced technology
  • Discuss your concerns in relation to what he sees in the images
  • Carefully explain each of your treatment alternatives 
  • Take the time to answer all of your questions 

We firmly believe in patient education and helping you make informed decisions about your dental care. You will be delighted that you sought the opinion of such an experienced implant and cosmetic specialist as Dr. Gerald Marlin. You can trust him and his highly experienced team to provide you with exceptional care and the results you deserve.

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to better understand your problem, how the surgery is performed painlessly, how a “simply radiant, simply natural” replacement tooth is created, and your treatment options, call 202-244-2101 or contact us online today.

Dr. Gerald Marlin

Simply Radiant, Simply Natural

Dr. Gerald Marlin is a leading specialist in implant, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. One of the only prosthodontists with an on-site lab, Dr. Marlin has been voted “Top Dentist” by his peers for more than 20 years in a row in Washingtonian Magazine’s annual “Best Dentist” survey, and is considered the most experienced prosthodontist in the D.C. area.

Implant Restorations Provided by Elite Prosthetic Dentistry

Optimum implant therapy begins with impeccable treatment planning, which is followed by a stringent treatment protocol that provides each patient with interim aesthetics and function. Once the surgery has been completed such that all of the implants are integrated into the bone, the restoration is reasonably straightforward since the implants have been inserted under well-defined parameters. Non-reconstruction cases are usually completed within a 3-4 month span.

Front Tooth Replacement

The thought of losing a front tooth can be very frightening, and replacing that tooth with an implant and crown is one of the most challenging areas of restorative dentistry, especially when restoring one of the two central incisors which are in the midline. If that implant is not ideally placed, the overlying crown will not be as aesthetically pleasing as desired. 

However, using careful planning and delivery, Dr. Marlin consistently replaces the missing tooth with a “simply radiant, simply natural” crown seated on an optimal abutment installed on an ideally positioned implant. 

The SlideShare, above, demonstrates how that is accomplished in our office. 

If you are missing one or more anterior (front) teeth and would like to better understand your special aesthetic requirements and how we will resolve them to provide you with a “simply radiant, simply natural” smile over anterior implants, call 202-244-2101.

Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge

An implant-supported fixed bridge is fabricated when one wants to replace several missing teeth, but wants to do so with fewer implants, because either some areas in the jaw have deficient bone and cannot receive an implant and/or fewer implants are needed to support the bridge.

Implant Reconstruction using multiple implants

The fixed bridge seated over multiple abutments that are, in turn, seated over multiple implants requires a very sophisticated surgical and restorative technique. The patient in this example was very adamant about not having any of the “Same Day Implants” treatment regimens (see, below). She wanted crowns on custom abutments. She had extensive bone loss around her remaining upper teeth that needed to be replaced with multiple implants. Pink porcelain was used to replicate missing gingiva (gum tissue).

crown and bridge implant abutments before & after
watch: Dr. Marlin discusses Multiple Implants
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Upscale Same-Day, All-on-4® Type Implant Therapy

There are multiple versions of this technique that are being marketed under the following trade names:

All-on-Four®, Clear Choice®, Teeth-in-a Day®3, Teeth In One Visit, Bar Attachment Denture, Dental Implants in 3 Minutes, Immediate Load Hybrid Prosthesis. To avoid confusion, we group all of these variations of the same therapy together via our own term, “Same-day Implants and Prosthesis.”

Most of these treatments rely upon a significant bone reduction regimen called “tabling the bone.” We are opposed to approaching this treatment in this manner because no one knows whether that reduced bone will be needed in the future. Therefore, we will approach your Same-Day Implant Therapy with bone preservation as our treatment regimen, which, therefore, is an upscale version of this therapy. 

To summarize Same Day Implants: 

  • Implants can be inserted.
  • Bone grafts can be placed.
  • Your denture can be retrofitted to the implant fixtures to create a screw-down prosthesis.

After four to six months, the final prosthesis is fabricated. It provides a full arch fixed appliance at significantly reduced costs. (See this patient in our Gallery)

For a more detailed discussion of the Immediate Load Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis or the All-on-4® type of prosthesis process, please see the section entitled, “Same Day Implants and Prosthesis.”

Private Practice Alternative to Clear Choice®

While we both provide Same Day Implants, our private practice environment, treatment regimen, and focus are very different than is apparently offered by Clear Choice®. See how we’re different than Clear Choice®.

Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants come in different varieties, one of which is the mini implant. As the name implies, these implants are smaller than traditional implants and can be used in areas not accessible with traditional restorations or to support a less costly prosthesis.

Since mini dental implants require less bone than traditional implants, many people who are not candidates for traditional implants due to insufficient bone may be candidates for the mini implants. They can either serve as permanent implants or as interim ones to hold and stabilize a denture while the bone is being rebuilt by grafting. Depending upon the situation or the type of prosthesis seated on them, mini implants can be less costly than traditional implants when used to stabilize final dentures. Since they are immediately loaded, mini implants provide instant stability to the denture prosthesis.

Unfortunately, we have had patients who come to us with failing mini implants because they were restored with crowns. Mini implants are absolutely not intended to support individual crowns (caps), but if you are missing several teeth, they can be used to stabilize an overdenture. Dr. Marlin will discuss which implant options are best suited for your unique needs during your initial consultation and can be reached at 202-244-2101.

Dental Implants Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of dental implants will depend on the type and number of implants you need and any issues that increase the complexity of your case. The type of restorative prosthesis you are getting will also affect the price of your treatment. During your initial consultation with Dr. Marlin, he will assess your condition, explain your treatment options and fully explain the scope of work needed to complete your unique implant needs.

When you visit our office, our staff will discuss pricing and our payment and financing options.

Dental implants are an excellent solution for many people with missing teeth. Dr. Marlin will take the time to listen to your concerns and evaluate your full mouth to make sure that implants are the best solution for you.

Here are a few factors that can determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants:

  • You are in good overall health, are not a severe diabetic, and have a strong immune system
  • You have healthy gums with no infections (which can first be treated)
  • You have good bone density in your jaw (Note that Dr. Marlin can improve your bone density if it is currently insufficient)
  • You are not pregnant
  • You are a nonsmoker, or you can quit before the procedure