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Patient Was Dissatisfied With Her “Gummy” Smile

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Posted on August, 15 2023 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD
gummy smile before and after Washington DC

Excessive gingival tissue can significantly impact the appearance of a person’s smile and their self-confidence. When a patient came to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, she was concerned about her “gummy smile”, or excessive gum tissue showing when she smiled.

Ultimately, the patient was dissatisfied with how she looked and wanted to improve her appearance by treating her gummy smile.

To help this patient create the softer, fuller, more feminine smile she wanted, Dr. Marlin altered her gum tissue to decrease the amount shown when smiling, which immediately improved her appearance. However, her crowns were also lengthened to show more of her beautiful teeth.

Upon completion of the treatment, the patient’s naturally attractive lip line was enhanced, and the patient was able to smile without worry, and her self-confidence was restored.