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Multi-Faceted Treatment for Patient Unhappy With Her Artificial-Looking Crowns, Teeth and Gums

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Posted on November, 14 2023 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD
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Many patients come to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry unhappy with the appearance of their smile. A particular patient who sought our help was very unhappy with how her teeth and gums were impacting her smile and, therefore, her overall appearance.

This patient presented with multiple problems. The first was that she had poor-quality dental crowns on her two front teeth. These artificial-looking crowns were very wide, square, and unnatural. The crowns were a very opaque white, which contrasted with her darker gingiva and complexion and did not match her natural teeth.

The second problem was that the patient was missing her lateral incisor. Instead, her left canine, a much bigger tooth, was positioned in that spot. In addition, the patient’s gum tissue was uneven. It was too low around her right canine and lateral incisor, showing between her two front teeth, and much higher on the left side than on the right. 

Improving this patient’s smile required multiple steps, including orthodontic treatment, to move her canine out of the position her missing lateral incisor was supposed to be in. Once her treatment was complete, we were able to restore her missing tooth with a dental implant and replace the opaque, artificial-looking crowns on her front teeth with natural looking ones having appropriate translucency and internal color that perfectly matched her smile.

We also provided minor gingival surgery to even out her gum tissue and ensure an even, seamless appearance for her smile. The patient now has a completely natural-looking smile with precision-made dental crowns that will last for many years.

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