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Cosmetic Dentistry In Washington DC

Elite Cosmetic Dentistry Washington DC

Prosthodontic Practice’s In-house Dental Technician Creates Unmatched Smiles by Combining Handcrafting with the Right Digital Technology to Create Natural Looking Dental Crowns, Veneers, and White Inlays.

Are you considering cosmetic dentistry to achieve your perfect smile? Our tailored cosmetic treatment plans design smiles that deliver on both aesthetics & function, & our precision planning & advanced technology provide confident smiles that patients enjoy for decades, including our custom dental crowns which last over 35 years!

At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, we take great pride in having delivered cosmetic treatments that made a dramatic difference in the smiles for thousands of patients! 

You deserve the smile that you have been longing for, whether you have an unsightly single front tooth that has been restored with a worn-out veneer or you have severely discolored teeth that you have been living with for over 40 years. We understand that the focus on discolored, misshaped, and broken-down teeth can detract from a naturally great lip or smile line. Patients come to us from hundreds and even thousands of miles away for cosmetic treatment because we are renowned for delivering a renewed confidence in their smiles.

Before & After Dental Crowns by Top Washington DC Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Marlin

implant 2

I could not have picked a better practice! I live in Friendship Heights/Chevy Chase MD area. Dr Marlin and his team gave me back my smile in a couple of weeks! I am so happy with the results! I had serious dental issues and was missing a few teeth including in the front. The use of their sedation to ease pain and stress was crucial for me to go through this journey with peace of mind and I literally felt nothing during my multiple sessions/procedures. Dr Marlin and his team did an amazing job and I can’t thank them enough for their kindness and care during and after my procedures! I would highly recommend this practice! Simply the best!”

Are your crowns or veneers too fake looking like white “chiclets” or are you considering cosmetic dentistry to achieve your perfect smile? At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, we combine our vast expertise with custom fabricating natural looking dental crowns and veneers in our in-house laboratory having proper internal coloration and translucency. Whether you have severely discolored teeth or just an unsightly single front tooth, we provide a tailored, cosmetic treatment plan and smile design to match your desires and budget (see “Before & After” Dental Crowns with Patient Testimonials, below). With our stunning, custom temporary crowns, you receive an immediate smile makeover at your first treatment visit!

But yet, we rarely have to replace one of our crowns, since our meticulous treatment regimen results in crowns lasting over 35 years (national average 10 years) and we maintain a strong Oral Health and Wellness Hygiene Program. Patients come to us from hundreds and even thousands of miles away for cosmetic treatment because we are renowned for delivering confidence in their smiles with restorations that last. 

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Why Choose Elite Prosthetic Dentistry?

  • Gerald M. Marlin, D.M.D., M.S.D, Top Washington DC Cosmetic Dentist
    • Voted Top Dentist 20 years in a Row by other dentists
    • A leading specialist in implant, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.
  • Experienced team:
    Marlin’s “Dream Team” of very experienced assistants and technicians working under his proven, strict treatment regimen deliver unmatched implant restoration therapy with one of the highest success rates with implants that are at least 20 years old
  • Inhouse Laboratory
    • Top aestheticscustom crowns (not milled crowns in the smile line)
    • Precisely fitting crowns lasting over 35 years
  • Attention to Detail:
    From listening to your desires and concerns and presenting alternative treatment plans, to precise execution of treatment steps beginning with your immediate smile makeover to your final restoration
  • Experts in Smile Makeovers:
    With our own In-house Dental Laboratory, Elite is renowned for delivering “simply radiant, simply natural” smile makeovers 

Meet Dr. Marlin


Personalized Dental Implant Treatment Starts with a Consultation. Request Your Consultation with our Dental Implant Specialists Today.

“Before & After” Dental Crowns with Patient Testimonials

Before after discolored teeth Washington DC

We listen and combine our Extensive Expertise and Custom In-house Laboratory with an analysis of your desires and concerns to deliver “Simply Radiant, Simply Natural” SmilesWith our custom fabricated temporary dental crowns, you achieve an immediate smile makeover. You will smile, you will laugh out loud, and you will have a newfound confidence. And, best of all, you will be receiving crowns from a practice with a proven track record of creating crowns that last over 35 years (3-4X the national average).

To experience our level of unsurpassed quality for yourself, contact Dr. Gerald Marlin at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry today online or call us at 202-244-2101. We transform the smiles of patients from across the country and abroad, including those coming from Washington DCBethesdaPotomacChevy Chase MD, Arlington, and nearby areas of Maryland and Northern Virginia.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

The term cosmetic dentistry refers to the skillful combination of art and science to improve the attractiveness and functionality of your smile. Even minor cosmetic dental treatments can make a significant difference in your smile and dramatically improve the way you look and feel about yourself.

Cosmetic Smile Makeover Before After Gallery Bethesda

As your cosmetic dentist, Dr. Marlin and his laboratory technician work closely together, applying individualized anatomic form, coloration, and translucency to your crowns or veneers to achieve the most sparkling results.

Since the cause and extent of dental problems are unique to each patient, Dr. Marlin, your cosmetic dentistry specialists, will conduct a thorough oral exam and carefully explain each of your treatment options. Honest, straightforward communication is a cornerstone of our approach. By helping you understand your condition and options, you are empowered to make well-informed decisions about your own treatment plan.

If you want to positively affect the appearance of your smile, Dr. Marlin and his skilled team can address a variety of dental issues, such as:

  • missing, gapped, or cracked teeth
  • misshaped or crooked teeth
  • discolored or stained teeth
  • a gummy smile
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What to Consider When Choosing Dr. Marlin and his Team for your Cosmetic Dentistry:

As top prosthodontist in the Washington DC area, Dr. Marlin will deliver the natural elegance of a dazzling, vibrant smile that will boost your self-confidence in social and professional settings.

Dr. Marlin is a nationally renowned implant and cosmetic dentistry specialist. Other dental specialists and general dentists often refer their patients to Dr. Marlin because of the quality of his work.

We first listen to the nature of your problems and aesthetic goals before making our recommendations to you.

(Japanese master ceramist) in the ‘80s to learn his “Anatomic Shading Technique” (custom internal coloration) used to create the most vibrant, 3-dimensional crowns.

Trained in the “Anatomic Shading Technique,” works directly with you.

A reputation for delivering stunning results (see our Gallery).

Our custom, high-quality work is second to none. Our patients have loved their results for years and even decades after that.

We don’t rest until your teeth and smile have the makeover, function, and overall appearance that you want and deserve.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

The natural elegance of your smile encompasses more than just the appearance of your teeth. It involves the contours and structure of your entire face, and your new crowns and veneers must complement them while being vibrant. You will receive newfound confidence when smiling and interacting with others.

We offer a variety of cosmetic dental solutions to help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve, including:

Smile Makeover

smile makeover is a combination of customized procedures designed to comprehensively improve the appearance of your whole smile. It’s important to remember that cosmetic dentistry is not solely focused on aesthetics. Many procedures correct more than just cosmetic flaws; they also

  • remove defective restorations frequently with recurrent decay 
  • strengthen your bite
  • restore your oral health 
  • enhance your overall well-being
smile design before & after
Rejuvenating Severely Mottled, Discolored Teeth in Washington DC
veneers before & after
Porcelain Veneers by Cosmetic Dentist in Washington DC

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are thin, customized shells of ceramic material that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth to conceal a wide range of cosmetic imperfections. They are typically used to reshape misshapen, gapped, or malpositioned teeth. Porcelain veneers need to have translucency for them to appear natural.

For that reason, Dr. Marlin will not recommend dental veneers if your teeth are severely discolored. If the underlying teeth are too dark, the veneers will appear “fake” as the technician uses white opaque to mask the underlying tooth’s dark color. Furthermore, veneers should never be used on anterior teeth with large fillings, as they will need to be redone when the underlying fillings break down with possible decay.

Porcelain crowns

When conditions preclude the use of veneers, Dr. Marlin will recommend crowns as the “tried and proven,” preferred therapy. Hand-crafted by our talented laboratory technician, dental crowns provide the ideal shape, color, and translucency of natural teeth—no matter what the color or shape of your underlying tooth. 

Contact us today to learn how Dr. Marlin’s custom dental crowns can give you the radiant natural smile you’ve always wanted.

Teeth Whitening as an Art

A dazzling, white smile can give you a healthy, vibrant appearance and boost your self-confidence in social and professional settings. Our professional chairside teeth whitening services can be an affordable solution to revamping your smile.

Rather than using “bleaching trays,” we control the whitening of multiple teeth having different colorations to create a uniform, sparkling appearance and, most importantly, to prevent a critical loss of translucency from “over whitening.” Opaque, over-whitened teeth appear “fake,” especially with a tanned or darker complexion.

teeth whitening patient
Teeth whitening Washington DC by Cosmetic Dentist Gerald Marlin DMD
dental implants before & after
Implant-Generated Full Mouth Reconstruction Washington DC

Dental implants

Allowing missing teeth to go untreated can jeopardize your health and appearance. Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement options, and Dr. Marlin is one of the most respected and renowned implant specialists in the nation. Visit our dental implants page for examples and more information about your options.

Dr. Marlin works diligently to create world-class smiles without ever sacrificing the functionality and health of your teeth and gums. If you live in the Washington DC area, including Maryland and Northern Virginia, please call us at 202-244-2101 to begin the journey toward your perfect smile.

Gum Contouring

If you suffer from a “gummy smile,” Dr. Marlin can help you achieve the ideal gum contours you desire and create a naturally beautiful smile.

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Dr. Gerald Marlin
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Our Rapid Emergency Care when You Break a Front Tooth

When you break a tooth, you need immediate attention! Since we have our own in-house lab, we have the capability to rapidly respond and re-establish your aesthetics and function. 

When Michael fell and broke his front teeth over the weekend, we brought him in, took records, fabricated temporary crowns overnight, and, with the accommodation of one of our patients, he had an immediate smile makeover the next day. Four months later, after everything healed, he was entirely rejuvenated.

Emergency Care when You Break a Front Tooth
Emergency Care when You Break a Front Tooth

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

We recognize that choosing the “right” cosmetic and implant dentist can be quite confusing. To help with this critical decision, Dr. Marlin authored the “Patient’s Guide to Implant, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry” to help you understand the issues and make an informed decision regarding your dental care. Please order your free copy.

Our Commitment to You

As a valued patient at our practice, you will receive exceptional, personalized treatment planning tailored to your unique goals and expectations. Honest communication is at the core of our approach to patient care. By listening to you first, we can better understand your concerns and cosmetic dentistry goals from your own perspective. This is followed by a comprehensive oral evaluation that helps us better understand the state of your oral health and all the treatment options available to you.

Your health, well-being, and satisfaction are at the center of every decision we make. Providing unsurpassed quality and making a positive difference in the lives of our patients has always been the guiding principles of our practice. Having spent decades at the forefront of prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Marlin and our talented team possess the skill and experience necessary to deliver unparalleled results in an open, honest, and compassionate atmosphere. We will never take shortcuts or compromise on quality or safety. This is our commitment to you.

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost in Washington DC?

We believe that exceptional dental care never involves a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment planning. Therefore, the cost of your cosmetic dental treatment will vary from other patients, depending on your unique goals and the extent of work needed to achieve your ideal smile. During your initial consultation with Dr. Marlin, he will recommend the procedure or combination of treatments to best help you achieve your desired outcome. They will also explain any appropriate treatment options and alternatives that may fit your budget and lifestyle better.

Cost should never stand between you and the premium care you deserve. Our friendly team will happily discuss your payment and financing options.

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Dr. Gerald Marlin
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Schedule Your Cosmetic Dental Consultation Today

If you are ready to achieve the vibrant, gorgeous smile of your dreams, contact Elite Prosthetic Dentistry today by completing the form on this page or calling 202-244-2101 to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Gerald Marlin. Our state-of-the-art office in D.C. welcomes patients from every corner of the nation, including Potomac, Bethesda MD and Arlington VA.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Washington DC- FAQS

Cosmetic dentistry is dental treatment that improves the beauty and health of one’s smile. Nearly every dental procedure has two elements: Aesthetics and function. A quality professional takes both of these elements into consideration so that one may rest assured they will not only look great, but enjoy hassle free long-term results.

We offer a wide variety of services and treatments to help improve the aesthetics of your smile. From cosmetic veneers to help create a uniform appearance to dental implants that can help replace missing or damaged teeth, we invite you to take a look at our smile makeover section to see how we have helped previous patients and how we can help you. Your smile says a lot about you – make sure it says all of the right things.

We understand that our patients have different financial situations, and to help ensure that each patient can afford the dental care he or she needs, we provide several flexible payment options to work within your budget. Whether considering dental implant or cosmetic dentistry treatments, we encourage you to call our office and a member of our team will be glad to explain each option, in detail, and to help to determine which option is best suited for you.

Porcelain veneers, also referred to as porcelain laminates, are thin “shell-like” pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the front of the teeth in order to change tooth shape or color. They are a quick, easy, and effective means of creating a more uniform smile.

Technological advancements in the world of cosmetic dentistry have helped transform the field in many ways. Elite Prosthetic Dentistry always stays up to date on the latest and greatest in prosthodontics, allowing us to obtain only the finest technologies for our patients. Our advanced technology helps us to provide you with a high quality restoration, which also gives you a more natural appearance, ultimately helping you to look and feel your best.

Our in-house laboratory technician is highly trained in tooth morphology and anatomy, framework design, and aesthetics. With his expertise, he will precisely craft your dental restoration. In addition, our laboratory technician is on the premises and we can consult with him throughout your therapy to ensure the proper fit, esthetic match, and provide custom fit adjustments. There is no substitute for the custom work provided by a technician working chairside with the patient.

Fixing a “gummy” smile can be treated a multitude of ways, including lengthening crowns to create a “longer” appearance of the teeth as well as raising the gingival (gum) tissue up. See our portfolio example of “fixing the gummy smile” to see the possibilities with correcting that smile.

In some instances, braces are the best method for straightening teeth. However, porcelain veneers are an excellent option for those looking to do more than simply straighten their smile by simultaneously getting your individual teeth to look better as fillings are replaced and discolorations are eliminated, as well. If you are in search of an option that will straighten your teeth while enhancing shape and color, porcelain veneers are an excellent option for saving time and money.