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Did Zoom Meetings Make You Unhappy with Your Smile?

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Posted on January, 27 2022 by G Marlin
Smile confidently on Zoom

It’s no secret that today’s world has migrated to the internet to replace many traditional “face-to-face” business operations. In particular, video conferencing software (Zoom, Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.) has become a standard practice that few have been able to hide from, especially considering the pandemic drove virtually everything online temporarily.

While this innovation has saved countless organizations and changed the world’s business landscape in previously unthinkable ways, the reality is that seeing your own face while talking to your work colleagues can foster some negative feelings towards aspects of your appearance, including your smile.

Below, we explain why we think online video calling has made many people unhappy with their teeth and offer a solution for those who want to achieve a “simply natural, simply radiant” smile that will look amazing both on and off camera.

How Zoom Meetings Showcase Our Teeth – For Better or for Worse

When on video conference meetings, people are confronted with a real-time image of themselves speaking, laughing, talking, etc. You’re watching others, and others are watching you unrelentingly. This interaction is unnatural and far different than our standard modes of communication.

As one Forbes author states about the awkwardness of video calls, “It’s a performance unlike any other human interaction, live or on the phone.”

Unsurprisingly, this phenomenon has prompted many to feel self-conscious with the appearance of their teeth. Whether you are forced to compare your smile with your coworkers’ pearly whites, or you are seeing your dental issues (old fillings, missing teeth, discolored teeth, etc.) from a new angle, video calling confronts you with an image of your smile from the perspective of others.

Fortunately, partnering with the right dental provider means you can attain a smile you can be proud of.

How To Achieve a Gorgeous “Zoom Smile”

Video conferencing will likely remain the dominant form of communication, especially considering many businesses migrated to remote work during the pandemic and never looked back. Fortunately, we’re here to help give you a smile that looks great from any angle, on or off camera.

At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, Dr. Gerald Marlin and our team have the tools to correct essentially any concerns you might have with the health, function, or appearance of your smile.

As respected problem-solvers, we understand that your dental problems may require comprehensive treatment. This is why we offer a wide range of restorativesurgical, and cosmetic dental services.

Choosing us means you can expect:

  • The most experienced professional dental teamin the Washington D.C. area
  • Oral and I.V. sedationis available to make dental procedures less stressful
  • Comfort and X.M. Radio while we take good care of you
  • Most patients encounter minimal discomfort with our pain management system when undergoing implant surgery,bone grafting, or other surgical procedures
  • Continuing support for years to come as we closely monitor your condition at your follow-up hygiene-care appointments

Whatever your concerns are, we’re happy to help educate you on your options, recommend the most suitable treatment, and meticulously develop a plan to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Ready to Make Your New Zoom-Ready Smile a Reality? Give us a Call Today!

Your health and smile are too important to place in the hands of just anyone; you deserve the experience, skill, and unsurpassed results offered at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry. To learn more, simply call (202) 933-6068 or complete our online form today. Our practice in Washington D.C. serves patients from across the country, including Bethesda, Arlington, Fairfax, and nearby areas of Maryland and Virginia.

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