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Wondering What Factors Can Impact the Cost of Dental Implant Treatment? Here We Provide Some Answers

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Posted on November, 16 2022 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD
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Dental implants are the most realistic and secure form of restorative dentistry for missing natural teeth. However, since they are the only restorative option that essentially replaces your tooth’s root and can even help prevent bone loss in the jaw. While they can initially be more expensive than other treatments, if performed correctly, they can actually become your best long-term oral investment, as they can last well over 20 years.

Most patients find the cost of dental implants well worth having a fully functional, natural-looking, and confident smile, and the majority of people are strongly satisfied with their implants even a decade later [1]. But what exactly goes into the cost of dental implant treatment? Here are a few factors that can affect how much your treatment would cost.

Factor 1: Whether You Need a Bone Graft

If you have been missing one or more teeth for longer than a year, your body may have absorbed the jawbone surrounding your missing tooth. Without a tooth root stimulating the bone, the body will naturally get rid of the jawbone over time.

Lost bone means you will likely need a bone graft before getting a dental implant. Dental implants require good bone quality and density for successful placement and treatment. A bone graft can improve your implant success and even help restore your smile line, allowing it to appear more natural around the missing tooth.

Bone grafts are considered the gold standard for augmenting alveolar ridge bone prior to placing a dental implant [2]. However, while often necessary, this procedure will add to the expense of your dental implant treatment. 

Factor 2: How Many Dental Implants You Need

The number of dental implants you need will also influence the cost of your treatment. Some people may only need one or two implants placed, while others need to restore their entire smile. 

While multiple dental implants will increase the cost of your treatment, they can provide you with a lifelong smile and a natural cosmetic restoration. Depending on your unique dentition, you may have several options for restoring multiple missing teeth with implants. These include:

Replacing multiple missing teeth with implant therapy is a sophisticated process, and to have a natural result that will last, it’s best to work with a specialist.

If you are missing all of your natural teeth, you may have the option of what’s called All-on-4®-type implant therapy [3]. In this procedure, four to six dental implants are placed. These will support a fixed restoration that will attach securely to the implants and look just like your natural smile.

Factor 3: Your Oral Health Prior to the Procedure

To qualify for dental implants, it’s imperative to have good oral health. So, if you have periodontal disease or cavities, these issues must be treated before you can consider dental implants.

Patients who need to have cavities filled, periodontal therapy, or teeth extracted prior to their dental implant procedure will have a greater cost than those already in good oral health. A healthy smile is key and will ensure you have the maximum chance of success following your implant placement.

Since patients with a history of periodontal disease may have a higher chance of complications, Drs. Marlin and Talmazov, specialists in implant therapy,  will evaluate their individual risks and meticulously plan their treatment to ensure minimal risk following the procedure [4].

Factor 4: If You Opt for Sedation Dentistry

Some patients may choose sedation dentistry as part of their dental implant procedure because of dental anxiety or dental phobia. If you are anxious about receiving dental treatment and would like extra support feeling comfortable at our office, Elite Prosthetic Dentistry provides sedation dentistry.

We offer various sedation dentistry treatment options depending on your individual needs and comfort level, including both conscious and intravenous sedation, to ensure you remain comfortable during the implant placement process [5].

Although sedation is not necessary for implant placement, some patients prefer this option to reduce anxiety and make their appointment go more smoothly. Your comfort is always our priority when you work with us.

If you opt for sedation dentistry, it will increase the cost of your implant treatment.

Factor 5: What Type of Dental Insurance You Have

Some dental insurance plans may cover a portion of dental implant treatment, but not all of them will. It’s possible that your dental insurance will cover up to 50% of the procedure, but it may be much less. 

If you are interested in dental implant treatment, our office will help you determine what your insurance covers and how much you may be responsible for after getting a consultation and estimate. We go to great lengths to be advocates for our patients who have insurance coverage. Elite Prosthetic Dentistry also offers financing and flexible payment plans for interested patients.

Dental implants offer an excellent return on your investment if performed with precision and diligence. While nationally, 26-34% of implants have gingival (gum) inflammation or bone loss, our patients rarely experience either one. With over 97% of our implants intact after 20 years, implants are a very good investment in our office. When you consider that dental implants offer a lifetime smile restoration, they are well worth the cost.

Find Out More About Dental Implants With a Consultation With Our Implant Specialists

If you’re interested in getting dental implants to replace missing natural teeth, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Marlin or Dr. Talmazov at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry today. Each patient is unique and the costs will vary, so find out more about what your individual procedure may look like and the related expenses.



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