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Enhance Your Smile With Gum Contouring and Reshaping

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Posted on September, 23 2021 by G Marlin

Your gums frame your smile, not only showcasing your teeth but also promoting the health of your teeth. Even the brightest, straightest, and healthiest teeth can have diminished appeal if you have a gummy smile. Your gums may be too high or too low and could perhaps need some reshaping, not only to enhance your smile but to prevent more serious dental issues from impacting your overall health.

Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental treatment that reshapes your gums and, in the process, can enhance your smile. Not only does the gum contouring procedure make your gums more symmetrical and improve your smile, but it’s also used to treat gum disease and other oral health concerns.

Also known as gum reshaping or gum sculpting, gum contouring is a simple dental treatment performed in just one visit to award winning prosthodontist Dr. Gerald Marlin at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry. If you think your smile is too “toothy” or “gummy” or making your teeth seem uneven, let us know, and we’ll be happy to assess your smile to see if our gum contouring could help improve the appearance of your smile.

As a premium provider of cosmetic dentistry and dental implant services (implant surgeries and implant restorations) in Washington DC, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and Arlington areas, we are committed to enhancing or restoring a “simply radiant, simply natural” smile for all of our valued patients.

How Can Gum Contouring Help Your Smile in Washington, D.C.?

Gummy Smile: When you smile or laugh, you may feel that too much of your gum shows, interfering with the look of your smile. Gum contouring can carefully trim away some of this excess gum tissue and improve the balance between your gum line and teeth, giving you a more symmetrical smile that fits your face.

Uneven or Crooked Teeth: Having teeth that appear to be crooked or uneven can be a distraction to others. However, there may be nothing wrong with your teeth. It could simply be your uneven gum line. Reshaping your gums to match your teeth can even out your gum line and correct this condition.

Small Teeth: It might be that your gums are covering a large portion of your teeth, making your front teeth look too small or short and out of proportion with your gums. Your teeth will appear larger by slightly lowering your gum line with a better balance between your teeth and gums.

Severe Gum Recession: Healthy gums cover the roots of your teeth and help keep them firmly in place. But when advanced gum disease causes gums to recede, they pull away from your teeth in a condition known as gum recession. In severe cases, this recession may create gaps between your teeth and gums, trapping bacteria and plaque, leading to tooth decay and cavities and the possibility of jawbone deterioration and tooth loss. Contouring the receding gums can not only help correct gum disease, but it can also improve the health of your gums and save your teeth and your smile.

To determine if you require gum contouring for cosmetic or health reasons, our experienced and award-winning prosthodontist, Dr. Marlin, will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for improving the appearance and health of your gums. After examining your teeth and gums and reviewing your overall oral health, he’ll know if gum contouring is a good option for you and if it will meet your dental needs. In the process, he’ll explain the gum contouring procedure with you and answer any questions you might have.

Learn More About Gum Contouring Washington, D.C.

To learn how gum contouring can cosmetically enhance your smile and improve your oral health, call 202-244-2101 or schedule an appointment online today.

You can learn more by speaking with Dr. Marlin and his team, where you will:

  • review gum reshaping before and after photos of other patients
  • evaluate your condition and discuss your gum surgery options
  • discuss your gum reduction surgery costs

Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C. serves Washington D.C., Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Arlington, and nearby areas of Maryland and Virginia. Our location near the Friendship Heights Metro Station makes our office easily accessible to downtown-area patients who visit us before or after work.

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