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Treating Kevin’s Collapsed Bite with a Complete Smile Makeover with New Dentures

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Posted on October, 26 2023 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD
before after dentures patient prosthodontics Chevy Chase MD

before after smile makeover with dentures Washington DCDentures are sometimes not created to the ideal aesthetic and functional scheme. Improperly fabricated dentures, they can make an individual appear almost a generation older and can have a very sloppy fit, and they can cause additional bone loss. Frequently, the individual with dentures cannot chew adequately and the most pleasure out of a meal.

Kevin came to us very dissatisfied with his existing condition. He looked much older than his age because his bite was collapsed and no one could really see his teeth when he smiled. In fact, he did not smile very often because of how self-conscious he was that his teeth did not even show when he did smile. Chewing was very difficult because of extensive bone loss and poorly designed appliances.

We fabricated special, custom impressions to capture the most available bone without interfering muscle attachments that, inherently, raise the dentures and make them “float” when chewing. Then we took several steps to establish the ideal height of bite for Kevin to look, chew, and speak.

Kevin is excited about his new look and function, and is now ready to discuss the placement and restoration of implants to preserve his remaining bone.

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