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3 Different Ways That Dental Crowns Are Made

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Posted on October, 16 2020 by G Marlin

There are three different ways to manufacture a dental crown. They can be milled on a machine according to stock images, fabricated in a commercial laboratory, or handcrafted to each patient’s custom aesthetics by an in-house dental technician. The latter is how we do it at Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington, D.C. because we strive for perfection.

In the video below, top-rated prosthodontist Dr. Gerald Marlin explains the limitations of milled and commercial crowns. These restorations often fall short of providing the proper fit and aesthetics we want our patients to enjoy. We believe that you deserve exceptional results that last.

YouTube video

Restore Your Smile With Custom Dental Crowns That Last Over 35 Years

Our crowns tend to fit better, look more natural, and last longer than those created by third-party technicians who have never seen your actual smile. The dental crowns produced in our on-site lab have, with proper care, lasted for 35 years or more.

Schedule a consultation at 202-244-2101 to learn how custom crowns can address issues with your natural teeth or with dental work done elsewhere. Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington, D.C. serves Washington, D.C., Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Arlington, and nearby areas of Maryland and Virginia.

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