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What Can Patients Expect for Their Dental Implant Treatment?

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Posted on December, 13 2022 by George Talmazov, DDS, MSD

A dental implant is the best tooth replacement option available today. Dental implants not only provide a secure and functional replacement for a missing natural tooth or teeth. They also look and feel natural. They can last a lifetime with proper placement and care.  

Many patients have questions about dental implant treatment and what the process involves, including managing post-operative discomfort. Although dental implants involve a few steps before the process is complete, the outcome is well worth it.

So what can patients expect for their dental implant treatment? Here’s what you need to know when pursuing dental implants with Elite Prosthetic Dentistry.

Consultation and Presurgical Planning

The first step in the dental implant process is to schedule a consultation.

During the consultation with Dr. Marlin or Dr. Talmazov, we take a CBCT and intraoral scan (3D imaging of your jaw). This helps to evaluate the quality of your jawbone and see if you are a candidate for dental implants. These scans also allow our prosthodontists to plan for the best implant position and conduct presurgical planning for predictable treatment and results [1].

Treatment planning is crucial to the success of your dental implant, which is why the consultation and presurgical planning process is so important. We use Precision Implant Placement (PIP), which allows us to virtually simulate the implant on a CBCT scan. This is part of our surgical planning to optimize the position of the implant for reduced risk and the highest chance of success.

Since dental implants allow you to choose between a single dental implant, implant-supported bridge, mini dental implants, and our version of All-on-4® type implant therapy, we review all the options you qualify for based on your budget and goals.

Bone Grafting (If Necessary)

About half of all patients on average who seek dental implant treatment will need to have a bone graft prior to or at the time of the procedure. Bone grafting is necessary when there is not enough bone in the site where the implant needs to be placed, or the bone is of poor quality. In those instances, if bone grafting is  not completed in order to expedite implant placement, the long term prognosis could be compromised.

Bone grafting helps enhance and restore the bone in the area, allowing for secure placement of a dental implant. Bone grafting can even help restore lost volume to the face over time, which can improve your appearance.

Should you require a bone graft before your dental implant placement, it will generally add a few months of healing time to the dental implant treatment [2]. As each patient’s smile is unique, Dr. Marlin and Dr. Talmazov will let you know what to expect for your bone grafting and dental implant needs.

Placing the Dental Implant

The implant is ready to be placed after your bone graft has healed. You can schedule your implant placement procedure after your initial consultation if you do not need a bone graft.

Our Precision Implant Placement process means that before you even schedule your dental implant placement with us, the procedure has been meticulously planned with advanced dental imaging software. At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, Dr. Marlin and Dr. Talmazov routinely use CBCT scan generated surgical guides to provide the optimal result.

As a result, your implant is precisely placed on surgery day to ensure a maximum chance of success and a natural-looking, functional tooth replacement. In fact, our dental implant success rate is 97% after 20 years, which is higher than the national average.

You can expect the implant placement process to take up to 90 minutes at our office. You will be completely numb and will experience no pain during the procedure. You also have the option of sedation dentistry should you have anxiety and need additional support to remain comfortable during your appointment [3].

Once the implant has been placed, we take impressions so our in-house team can custom craft your new dental crown. Generally, patients need to heal for a minimum of four months following this initial procedure so the implant can fully integrate with the surrounding bone before the final crown is placed.

Post-Operative Care

Before the procedure, Dr. Marlin or Dr. Talmazov will advise you on how to care for your dental implant post-operatively. Your care regimen will include eating soft foods, brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and chewing on the opposite side of your mouth from the surgical site.

Some discomfort is expected a few days following the procedure [4]. At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, our patients are comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. As a result, most of our patients only require Advil, Tylenol, or Motrin for one to two days after their dental implant placement.

Our Precision Implant Placement (PIP) process, pre-medication with anti-inflammatory medications, and advanced surgical technique provide long-term success. Using our PIP process the implant is guided by the surgical stents which helps make the procedure as minimally invasive as possible and keep our patients more comfortable.

Installing the Porcelain Crown

We create our dental crowns and abutments—the piece that connects the crown to the implant—right here at our office’s lab for excellent quality control. This ensures a well-designed crown that will seamlessly fit your smile. The degree of customization offered can take into account gum tissue irregularities with your natural teeth and provide for harmonious and functional restoration.

As a result, your crown will look like a real tooth. We even custom-stain your crown to match your natural teeth while you wait. Because we have an in-office laboratory, you usually do not have to return to have your crown placed. Prior to insertion, Dr. Marlin or Dr. Talmazov will adjust the crown as necessary to ensure a perfect fit.

During this final step, we also take x-rays to ensure the abutment, implant, and crown all fit together seamlessly so that your new smile looks beautiful and natural and will function as intended.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Elite Prosthetic Dentistry is here to make your dental implant treatment as simple, comfortable, and successful as possible. Contact us to schedule your consultation today to see if you qualify for dental implants to replace one, several, or all of your missing natural teeth.


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