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Replacing a Discolored Front Tooth with a Precision Placed Implant

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Posted on August, 30 2023 by George Talmazov, DDS, MSD
Photo of front tooth replacement with an implant before and after Bethesda, MD

Some of the most challenging restorations occur when fabricating an anterior crown to fit on an implant. Not only does one have the difficulty of matching the single anterior (front) tooth to the other ones, in the high visibility zone, he or she has to first make sure the position of the underlying implant is precise by accurate preplanning and placement. This is crucial for a natural-looking smile.

A patient came to us with a discolored front tooth that could not be saved. After carefully extracting the tooth maintaining the integrity of the bone and gum tissue, we were able to begin the dental implant placement process in a natural environment.

We began by performing a virtual placement of the implant on a CT scan, which allowed us to manipulate the virtual implant into the perfect position at just the right angle and location centered within the image of the overlying crown. Using the detailed surgical guide developed from that initial virtual placement, the implant was positioned precisely between the nerve and the bone on the surgery day for optimal placement underneath the crown.

Once the implant healed, the patient’s final dental crown was placed. The result was a natural-looking, beautiful anterior replacement tooth that perfectly matched the patient’s natural teeth.