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Rejuvenating Maria’s Severely Worn Down Implant Overdentures

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Posted on September, 29 2023 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD
before and after severely worn overdenture appliances Washington DC

before and after patient overdenture appliance Many times, per year, patients come to us frustrated because their implant prosthesis is so severely worn down that they are very self-conscious and cover up their smile. They look and feel much older than their age as a result of the extensive wear of their appliance(s).

Ms. MC has a natural, radiant smile that was slowly diminishing as she became more and more uncomfortable with her presentation, especially at her Zoom meetings. Her upper and lower overdenture appliances seated on bars over her implants were beginning to crack, as well making her feel even more insecure.

After a lengthy discussion, we agreed that we would make new appliances to fit over her implant bars and rework her existing appliances so that they could serve as back-up devices so that she is never without her ability to meet the public if anything happened to her new ones.

Creating overdenture appliances to fit over existing overdenture bars seated on implants is a even more difficult to perform than originally creating the devices. The impressions are difficult to take and the bite registrations have to be very precise in order to make her look younger, once again. It requires the a close coordination between a prosthodontist and his highly trained dental technician.

Needless to say, Maria is thrilled with her new radiant smile and sense of security.

Before and after prosthodontist severely worn overdenture implant Bethesda MD


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