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John Douglas – Patient Testimonial

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Posted on October, 18 2021 by G Marlin

John’s Ultimate Smile Makeover Testimonial: Dr. Marlin Brought Back My Smile, and Will Do the Same for You!

Have you ever wished you could improve your smile?

Having an attractive, healthy smile is such a valuable asset, especially if you have been invited to appear in a video streaming series by a major TV network. Your smile allows your genuine self and personality to shine through with beautifully aligned and completely natural-looking teeth.

At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, we take great pride in working closely with our patients to find ideal solutions for optimal oral health and world-class smiles. We understand that your dental problems may require comprehensive treatment, which is why we offer a wide range of implant restorative and  surgical, smile makeovers, and cosmetic dental services to help you accomplish all your smile goals. We are known for our problem-solving approach that has allowed us to be successful with even the most difficult cases.

Find out how an Ultimate Smile Makeover expertly performed by award-winning prosthodontist Dr. Gerald Marlin at our friendly, state-of-the-art facility in the Washington DC area made a difference in the life of John Douglas.

Watch his testimonial above or read the transcript below!

How did you first hear about Dr. Gerald Marlin at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry?

“In December 2020, I was advised by my entertainment attorney that I’d been asked to take part in a streaming video series on a major network, and we would begin filming in May 2021.

Hearing this was great news, but because my teeth were in such bad shape, my daughter and I spent a month searching for prosthodontists in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC, speaking with dentists and asking them for their personal recommendations.

The name Dr. Gerald M. Marlin and Elite Prosthetic Dentistry kept coming up as one of the very best prosthodontists, if not the best, in the area. I made an appointment for the first week in January 2021 and met Dr. Marlin and his very professional team.”

What was your experience like at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry?

“When Dr. Marlin examined me, he said that I would need my teeth replaced by crowns because they were in such bad shape. He also said that the alignment of my teeth would probably first need to be corrected by an orthodontist before he could start working on my crowns.

Since I didn’t have time to have my teeth alignment corrected with braces, Dr. Marlin accepted what turned out to be a real challenge and was able to deliver my stunning results by the end of April.”

Mission accomplished: Dr. Marlin is a perfectionist!

“Dr. Marlin willingly accepted the challenge of getting my teeth camera-ready. After seeing him in action and looking at my results, I can only conclude that he truly is a perfectionist.

By the end of April, when he delivered my ultimate smile, his mission was accomplished! My teeth looked completely natural, and nothing like you see on television where other presenters have teeth that look like piano keys.

My experience speaks volumes as to why he receives such high reviews from patients and other dentists.”

The staff at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry are exceptional

“Dr. Marlin and his staff genuinely are all exceptional. Not only does he hire the best, but they treated me in the very best way possible.”

How has your life changed since deciding to transform your smile?

“I’m so happy with my results that I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Marlin and his team. I recommend Dr. Marlin highly and with no reservations whatsoever.

He brought my smile back, and he will bring your smile back as well!”

– John Douglas, Real Patient of Dr. Gerald Marlin

Disclaimer: I was not asked or paid to write my very heartfelt testimonial, nor am I associated with Elite Prosthetic Dentistry in any way (other than being a dental patient). I simply believe that people who are happy with their smile makeovers need to stand up and say so – because those of you who are searching for “real people with real results with real satisfaction” need to hear this before making a life-changing decision.

If you live in or around the Washington D.C., Bethesda, or Arlington areas and want to experience the Elite Prosthetic Dentistry difference with your Ultimate Smile Makeover, contact us today at 202-244-2101 or schedule your visit online.

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