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Can Dental Implants Be Done in One Day?

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Posted on June, 12 2020 by G Marlin

It is entirely possible to receive dental implants and a full arch of replacement teeth in a single day. Compared to the traditional implant process, which requires multiple appointments and extended healing times, the one-day approach is far more convenient. It involves seating a dental prosthesis on implants immediately after insertion.

This therapy can be rewarding for patients because it rapidly restores dental function and aesthetics. However, it is not right for everyone.

Here are a few things to consider if you are interested in this type of implant dentistry in Washington, D.C:

  • Candidacy: Not everyone is a candidate for implants and teeth in the same day. Unfortunately, the concept is used too often as a marketing tool to attract patients. We only perform this therapy in select cases after a complete diagnostic workup.
  • Tooth extraction: Remaining teeth must be extracted to accommodate a full-arch implant-supported fixed prosthesis. Extraction may be a good option if most of your teeth are not salvageable. If your teeth can be saved, an alternative treatment may be preferable.
  • Future implant placement: This therapy may impact your candidacy for additional implants moving forward. For example, significant bone reduction, if necessary, may limit the sites in which future implants can be inserted.
  • Bone grafting: Sometimes, steps can be taken to preserve the jaw’s ridge at the time of implant and fixed prosthesis placement. In other cases, an additional procedure such as bone grafting may be worthwhile to enhance the long-term outcome.

Today, there are numerous single-day implant treatments to replace a full arch of teeth. These therapies go by trade names such as All-on-Four®, Clear Choice®, Teeth in A Day, Dental Implants in One Day, and Immediate Load Hybrid Prosthesis. We group these approaches under our term Same-Day Implants Prothesis.

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Skilled prosthodontist Dr. Marlin Gerald is at the forefront of the implant field and has placed over 3,000 implants. He is uniquely qualified to evaluate your candidacy for Same-Day Implants Prothesis. Because he believes patients should make informed decisions about their dental care, he will discuss the pros and cons of this treatment, as well as any available alternatives.

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