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Salvaging Ms. N’s Severely Broken-Down Upper and Lower Teeth from Gum and Bone Disease

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Posted on October, 11 2023 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD
Patient before and after smile makeover Bethesda MD

Before after prosthodontist smile makeover patient Washington DC Many people in the U.S. suffer from extensive periodontal disease with bone loss with shrinkage of the gum tissue. This can begin at a very young age (in their 30’s) and worsen quickly due to hereditary factors and a lack of diagnosis by their dentist. Teeth are lost and the smile line becomes unsightly.

Ms. N presented to us in complete distress with two lower anterior teeth that were about to fall out and wide gaps opening between her upper and lower anterior teeth. She had full blow periodontal disease at a very early age (34 years old). She was in need of periodontal prosthesis therapy, the restoration of the adult dentition having the ravages of bone loss and gum shrinkage.

We fabricated custom temporary splints to stabilize her teeth and fill in her spaces providing an immediate smile makeover. In two separate all-day visits under dental sedation, we extracted hopeless teeth and placed bone grafts to prevent future bone loss and inserted her new temporary crowns.

Ms. N is thrilled with her new “look” and the security of knowing that we will be constantly monitoring her periodontal condition, since her predisposition to periodontal break down could cause a problem at any point in time.

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