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What Type of Dental Crown Is Best for My Teeth?

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Posted on January, 28 2022 by G Marlin
Smile restoration with dental crowns

Would you like to enjoy a brighter smile or replace a damaged tooth? A dental crown may be just the answer.

Dental crowns, also known as “caps,” are used to improve the appearance and usability of compromised teeth. They provide a stronger bite, an anchor for dental bridges, a fix for misshapen or discolored teeth, a restoration for dental implants, and a boost of confidence. Crowns are cemented over a portion of the tooth to close any gaps between teeth. Crowns provide a new, strong layer over a decayed or discolored tooth and allows you to chew normally.

However, you should understand that not all crowns are equal, as there are various types of crowns made from different materials.

If you are considering what crown is best for your needs, It’s essential to partner with an experienced specialist who will take the time to listen to you and understand the goals you are trying to accomplish. This is especially important with crowns, as the material chosen for your dental crown depends on the outcome for which you are looking.

What Types of Dental Crowns Are There?

During a visit to your local dentist or while carrying out some internet research, you may discover that dental crowns come in a wide variety of materials, including metals, resins, porcelain, or combinations of these.

However, you’ll be pleased to learn that these materials are not used for dental crowns at Elite Prosthetic Dentistry. Our crowns are crafted on-site, giving Dr. Gerald Marlin optimal control over their creation in a process that enables us to produce dental crowns that precisely match all adjacent teeth in size, shape, shade, and clarity. Our in-house lab technician works directly with you, resulting in dental crowns that fit comfortably and blend seamlessly into your smile

What Types of Dental Crowns Does Elite Prosthetic Dentistry Provide?

At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, Dr. Marlin provides crowns made from materials carefully matched to your unique needs as determined during your consultation. Through the unwavering dedication of Dr. Marlin and his precision team, they have an established reputation for delivering dental crowns that last over 35 years.

The dental crowns that are best for your teeth will be carefully chosen from the following:

Zirconia Crowns

Fig. 1: Zirconia Crowns

While both gold and porcelain are tried-and-true options for crowns, new technologies are constantly coming into play that provide even better options. Zirconia, made from the metal zirconium, similar to titanium, is an artificial stone that ranks at 8.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and is gaining popularity for creating sturdy and reliable dental applications.

Because of its hardness, it is durable enough to withstand decades of chewing and is often chosen by dentists specifically for molars and premolars because these are the teeth that get the most pressure. You’ll never need to worry about your crown breaking even when you chew on the hardest foods.

Fig. 2: eMax Crowns

Unlike other metals and crown materials, zirconia crowns are not affected by chemicals and bacteria. The substance is also biocompatible, which means that it will not cause any pain or inflammation of the gums.

eMax Crowns

Emax crowns are made from a lithium disilicate ceramic material. What makes this material popular is that it’s completely translucent and therefore invisible even from close up. Since eMax crowns seldom chip, it’s considered the most durable crown material on the market and can last a lifetime.

Dentists often use zirconia for the molars and premolars while using eMax for the front teeth or canines. This strategy is adopted because it’s more important for the front teeth to blend in with the rest of the mouth than the back teeth.

Porcelain Fused to Noble Metal (PFM) Crowns

Fig. 3: Porcelain Fused to Metal Reconstruction

A great alternative to both metal and porcelain is a combination of these two materials. Porcelain fused to noble metal crowns are fabricated using a metal base with porcelain fused over the top, resulting in a dental crown that looks like porcelain but with the strength of a metal crown.

By selecting a porcelain fused to noble metal (PFM) crown, you will be able to achieve the strength and durability of a metal crown with the aesthetics and appearance of a porcelain crown.

Choosing the Right Dental Crown in Washington, D.C.

You don’t have to settle for cracked, decayed, or discolored teeth. At Elite Prosthetic Dentistry, we can help you select the right dental crown and get you fitted in the shortest time possible. Please call us at 202-244-2101 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gerald Marlin today.

Located in Washington DC, we welcome patients from Bethesda, Arlington, Chevy Chase, and nearby areas of Maryland and Virginia. Our location near the Friendship Heights Metro Station makes our office easily accessible to downtown-area patients who visit us before or after work.

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