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Trigger Point Injections Relieve Pain from the TMJ Syndrome

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Posted on September, 9 2019 by G Marlin

We have seen thousands of patients over the years who suffer from pain from the TMJ and TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder/dysfunction) syndrome. This localized or referred pain to the head and neck can be intractable and ongoing for many years with the individual being very frustrated. On our TMJ Dentistry page we discuss this problem, in detail. 

This drawing from Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual by Janet Travell, MD, and David Simons, MD shows the referred pain pattern (in red) from trigger points (black X’s) in only one of the muscles of the jaw. There are at least 5 muscles of mastication (jaw muscles) that can cause local or referred pain in the right or left jaw-or both. The TMJ or TMD pain can be relieved by “trigger point injection” therapy, which is a very sophisticated treatment regimen requiring extensive training.

Dr. Marlin has extensive training in TMJ therapy (having written his prosthodontic master’s thesis on the subject) and having treated thousands of TMJ patients. In addition, he was personally trained by Dr. Janet Travel in performing trigger point injections of the muscles of the jaw.


Trigger point injections can eliminate:

  • Severe chronic or acute gnawing jaw “ache”
  • More diffuse referred pain over the eye or in the temples near the hairline
  • Endodontic (root canal) symptoms
  • Pain in the ears with a stuffiness feeling and/or diminished hearing
  • Pain in the eyes creating double vision, or other symptoms

Some of this pain can mimic a migraine headache, which makes trigger point injections a possible solution for you if you believe you suffer from migraine headaches.

If you believe you suffer from migraine headaches, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Marlin. When you come in, he starts by providing a very detailed diagnostic work-up. Depending on the diagnosis, he follows that with a precision bite adjustment, and finally with the replacement of any defective restorations contributing to the pain syndrome. 

You don’t have to suffer TMJ or migraine pain, call Dr. Marlin today and start your journey to relief.