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Treating Congenitally Missing Teeth in a Teenager with Dental Implants

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Posted on June, 14 2023 by Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD
Implant reconstruction before and after Washington DC

A 16-year-old patient from McLean, Virginia, was congenitally missing several teeth—that is, they were missing from birth. She was referred to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry by her orthodontist, who had gone as far as he could with her treatment.

The patient’s orthodontist wanted the Elite Prosthetic Dentistry team to take over her case and provide a cosmetic smile makeover to replace her missing teeth. 

In addition to the missing teeth, the patient had a collapsed bite, so her profile needed to be enhanced with surgery or dental crowns. In her case, we were able to avoid surgical correction and placed multiple dental implants. The patient also needed bone grafting.

watch: Dr. Marlin Discusses a Case of a Young Teenage Patient with Congenitally Missing Teeth

After waiting until the patient’s dentition was fully established at age 18, we inserted multiple dental implants and restored the missing teeth with custom, durable, and natural-looking dental crowns.

Today, the patient is a very happy international lawyer and can smile confidently with her new teeth.

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