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The Importance of Precision Implant Placement (PIP) using Guided Surgery (Part I)

Posted in Precision Implant Placement

Posted on March, 15 2022 by Dr Gerald M. Marlin, DMD, MSD

In our office, every dental implant surgery is performed using a CT scan generated surgical guide to precisely plan the future placement of the implant. With this technique, the implant is always centered inside the future overlying crown while considering any restricting bony angulations and undercuts and/or nerve and sinus locations.

The process begins with our in-house technician waxing-up an ideal crown in the space. All of these steps dramatically improve the results and safety during the procedure. Precision implant placement results in a highly aesthetic abutment and crown that mimic the replaced tooth such that you do not even know that you actually have a replacement tooth. The result: aesthetic, function, and “0” bone loss over at least a 20-year period.

Unfortunately, only 25% of implant surgeries are done using this “guided surgery,” while in our office we only use this “gold standard” of implant placement.