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Restoring Multiple Old Dental Implants That Had Either Fractured or Failed

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Posted on March, 31 2023 by George Talmazov, DDS, MSD
failed dental implants restoration Washington DC

As a vibrant 87-year-old from Potomac, Maryland, wanting to improve his smile, Mr. T came to Elite Prosthetic Dentistry with multiple old dental implants that were either fractured or failing, which caused his original prosthesis to break.

In addition, the patient’s lower teeth had fractured and his bite was severely closed, which impacted the appearance of his smile. In order to restore his mouth to complete function, we had to locate parts that would fit the old dental implants, extract the failed ones, and replace them with several new ones.

Once the process was complete, Mr. T’s smile was restored to complete function and his appearance was dramatically improved. He now travels to Florida every winter with complete confidence in his smile.