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Precision Replacement of Your Front Tooth With a Dental Implant and Crown

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Posted on September, 30 2020 by G Marlin

Losing one of your front teeth can be a frightening experience. It can cause you to feel worried about the health and appearance of your smile. Fortunately, our Washington D.C. prosthodontist is here to help.

Having surgically inserted and restored over 3,400 implants, Dr. Gerald Marlin can replace your front tooth with a dental implant and crown applying his unique combination of surgical and prosthetic precision. The result is quite striking and natural, assuring you a great smile, solid function, and jawbone preservation.

When is Front Tooth Replacement Necessary?

Endodontic (root canal) failure, trauma, and bone loss from periodontal disease are common causes of front tooth loss. If a tooth cannot be salvaged through emergency dental treatment, front tooth replacement with an implant and crown may be the ideal solution.

An implant and crown can also take the place of a failing tooth. In this situation, Dr. Marlin will need to extract the compromised tooth and place a bone graft before moving forward with the implant therapy. He will insert a replacement tooth on the same day so that no one can tell that a tooth is even missing.

Our Process for Achieving Great Results

Replacing a missing or extracted front tooth with an implant needs to be very precisely performed, from performing a virtual “surgical insertion” on a CT scan prior to surgery to the creation of that simply natural, simply radiant final abutment and crown.

To begin with, the implant must be precisely placed at the correct angle and depth. The abutment, or piece that holds the crown to the implant, must have a perfect emergence profile. Even the crown itself must be created with internal coloration and with enough translucency to match the adjacent teeth.

This twenty-three-year-old woman presented to us as a teenager with her maxillary central incisor failing. The tooth was replaced with a bone graft and a removable appliance, which provided a temporary replacement tooth.

After waiting an appropriate amount of time until she had stopped growing, we inserted the implant using a special CT Scan generated surgical guide, so that it was placed at the right depth and angulation. We then attached an abutment and crown fabricated by our in-house technician. By taking these steps, we provided her with a simply radiant, simply natural smile.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Call 202-244-2101 today to schedule a front tooth replacement consultation with Dr. Marlin. Virtual consultations are also available. Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington, D.C. serves Washington, D.C., Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Arlington, and nearby areas of Maryland and Virginia.

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