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Look Great on Zoom with a Smile Makeover

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Posted on February, 16 2021 by G Marlin

Virtual meetings are the new normal. And if there’s one thing that spending hours in front of a webcam — whether for work, job interviews, or social events — will make you think about, it’s your appearance. Correct unsightly dental issues and feel more confident on up-close conference calls with a smile makeover.

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In Search of a Smile Transformation

Some people go years without giving their smile a second thought. But few things expose dental problems as much as virtual meetings.

Imperfections such as discoloration, tooth loss, and severe wear are usually in the front of your mind when you’re looking at yourself on a screen. Others may notice those imperfections, too. After all, they’re suddenly seeing you through a close-up video rather than across a conference table.

As a result, you may feel unhappy with the way your teeth look during Zoom meetings. To make matters worse, you’re likely to smile with an unnatural and guarded look because you’re so aware of your dental issues. An uncomfortable smile can create the wrong impression.

Rejuvenate Your Smile Before Your Next Video Call

A smile makeover is a customized treatment plan made up of the cosmetic procedures needed to improve your smile. It can be a lengthy and involved process, but that isn’t always the case. Some patients benefit from a small-scale smile makeover consisting of just a few services.

A smile makeover can make your Zoom presence a dramatic success with treatments and procedures such as:

Custom-fabricated temporary crowns are made on-site at our in-house dental lab and offer quick rejuvenation. You can even have a full arch smile makeover composed of hand-crafted temporary crowns inserted in a single day! We offer IV sedation, as well as other types of sedation dentistry, to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Get the Beautiful Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Dr. Gerald Marlin welcomes the opportunity to meet with you, listen to your concerns, and determine how a smile makeover can help you look your best. Men and women locally, from around the country, and even from abroad have sought out his simply radiant, simply natural smile makeovers for over 40 years.

Call Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C. at 202-244-2101 to schedule your smile makeover consultation. We welcome patients from Washington D.C., Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Arlington, and nearby areas of Maryland and Virginia.

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