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I Need Veneers or Crowns. Can I Have Them Very White?

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Posted on May, 8 2019 by G Marlin

We all want a very bright smile, but do we want it to be very white? At Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C., Dr. Marlin makes sure that his patients play a prime role in choosing how white they want their teeth to be. About 30 years ago, Dr. Marlin spent five days with one of the master Japanese ceramists, Masahiro Kuwata, learning the art of applying optimal translucency and internal coloration to porcelain crowns, according to patient desires, to create natural-looking crowns. With this translucency and internal coloration, our in-house laboratory, established in 1985, has been providing crowns having a very natural 3D look as white as the patient wants.

For an opinion on how to achieve your preferred smile makeover, you can contact Dr. Marlin at 202-244-2101.

Now, let’s look at the considerations. As we all know, white is the absence of color. Therein lies the main consideration as to how white we would want our crown. The whiter the crown, the less translucency that can be placed at the outside layer mimicking the natural tooth. Frequently, with our patients who are requesting very white crowns, we can fabricate trial crowns with more or less translucency to draw a comparison.

dental crown patient & story

Overall, working chairside with our laboratory technician, we customize each person’s crowns and veneers to be as “white” and translucent as he or she wants them to be. Call 202-244-2101 for a comprehensive chairside evaluation with Dr. Marlin and his technician.

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