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Do They Sedate You for Your Cosmetic Dentistry or Smile Makeover or Dental Implants?

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Posted on November, 18 2020 by G Marlin

Many of our patients who are considering cosmetic dentistry or a smile makeover for an improved smile, or dental implants to replace missing teeth, express a similar concern about the procedures. They worry that it will be painful. This common fear holds many people back from pursuing a straightforward procedure that will restore the optimal health, function, and appearance of their smile.

The good news is that a smile makeover, dental implant surgery, or even minor therapy is pain-free. You will be given sedation dentistry medication to help you stay comfortable throughout the procedure. We offer oral and IV sedation at our practice to meet your needs and ensure a positive experience. If you would like a consultation to discuss sedation dentistry, please call us at 202-244-2101.

Determining the Type of Anesthetic for Your Smile Makeover or Dental Implant Procedure

Our patients who are undergoing long procedures are offered oral sedation to make the procedure easy. For patients who would like to have “twilight anesthesia” we offer IV sedation, as well.  We are happy to provide you with the type of sedation therapy that you would prefer.

In most instances, you may not need IV sedation. Either local anesthetic or the “local” in combination with oral sedation should be sufficient to keep you comfortable during the procedure. We frequently provide nitrous oxide sedation with oral sedation to supplement the local anesthesia in order to make our patients feel more at ease.

If you have been anxious about your dental treatment, regardless of its complexity, we recommend either oral or IV sedation to reduce your apprehension.

Dr. Gerald Marlin will work with you to determine the appropriate sedative or combination of sedatives for your smile makeover, dental implant treatment, or even routine dental therapy. Your comfort is one of our top priorities.

Increasing Your Comfort Through Our Advanced Treatment Protocol

At Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington, D.C., our sophisticated restorative and dental implant protocol helps facilitate a pleasant patient experience. Dr. Marlin is the inventor of an advanced dental implant restoration system that provides the best fit and most natural aesthetics. This system minimizes misalignment and ensures that implants are placed in the ideal positions to prevent complications.

We also provide a pain medication regimen before, during, and after the surgery. The use of anti-inflammatory medications on an individualized basis helps prevent most post-operative discomfort. Most of our patients tell us that they feel better after the procedure than they anticipated.

Learn More About Painless Dental Implant Surgery in Washington, D.C.

To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, call 202-244-2101 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gerald Marlin. He is a leading dental implant specialist who has surgically inserted and restored over 3,000 implants. Prosthetic Dentistry of Washington D.C. serves patients from Washington D.C., Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Arlington, and nearby areas of Maryland and Virginia.