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A More Natural Look

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Posted on January, 30 2019 by G Marlin

When porcelain is milky or opaque looking, the crowns do not look real. With protrusive teeth that can not be brought in, this becomes magnified. Proper translucency is critical for your smile to look natural.

After treatment, our patients will have natural and healthy looking smiles. See for your self!

A Cosmetic Make-over Using eMax® Crowns

This patient was very self-conscious about how she presented to those her, and was referred to us to create a significant cosmetic make over. Having the wrong shape and color and being too opaque, her two front crowns had an “unnatural” appearance. This problem was magnified by her very high (gummy) smile line and very dark teeth. eMax® (all ceramic) crowns were used to cover over her dark colored abutments with a more natural colored crown, having the right translucency to make it less obvious when she smiled.

Our in-house technician fabricated individual wax patterns to create her new aesthetic, and converted them to porcelain crowns. He worked directly with her at the chair to establish the best anatomic form, internal color and translucency for a more natural, youthful look.
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