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4 Ways You Can Benefit from Our In-House Dental Lab

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Posted on February, 17 2021 by G Marlin

When it comes to finding a new prosthodontist, you’ve got a checklist of criteria. They should have a convenient office location, glowing patient reviews, extensive experience, and friendly staff members. But there’s another thing you’ll want to look for: an in-house dental lab. Here are four ways that you can benefit from our private dental lab in Washington, DC:

  1. Custom aesthetics. Most dentists work with commercial labs to fabricate your crowns, veneers, or other dental restorations. The problem is that commercial labs have no way to see the real shade and translucency of your teeth. Meanwhile, our technician works directly with you to replicate your natural teeth by custom layering our top porcelains and performing chairside staining.
  2. A more precise fit. Commercial labs can’t offer the same precision fit that we can achieve with our private lab. Instead of designing your crown based on a stock image, our lab technician creates everything to Dr. Gerald Marlin’s exact specifications. Fit is crucial to the long-term success of your restorations. Our patients have had the same crowns for over 35 years.
  3. Shorter wait times. There’s a lot of back and forth involved with getting restorations from a commercial lab. We save you time by doing everything under one roof! You won’t be put into a huge production queue, and you won’t have to wait for your restorations to ship from elsewhere.
  4. Convenient repairs. Sometimes restorations get damaged after placement. It can happen if you grind your teeth, bite down on something hard, or suffer a blow to the face. Whatever the situation may be, you don’t want to wait for your dentist to ship your restoration back and forth from an offsite lab. Our in-house lab allows us to handle urgent repairs, replacements, and other dental emergencies faster than other practices.

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